Thank A Soldier

Discussion in 'Videos' started by glider, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Yes Sir; good video........
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    Thanks for the video Glider. It really make you appreciate the sacrifices their family makes and what they do for us.
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    Thanks Glider, I gathered the family around the monitor to watch this and there wasn't a dry eye in the bunch. God Bless our troops.
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    Great video, how does he do this?:s
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    Thanks Glider

    This past week was spent with the Boy Scouts at camp Bob Hardin, near Saluda NC. One of the highlights of the week for me is always the flag retirement ceremony. Imagine 120 boys from 11 to 17 years of age, deafly silent as each boy lays a red or white stripe from an Americian Flag into a roaring fire, steps back, salutes and stands silently in a large circle until all who are present have had a chance to retire a portion of a flag. In the center of the circle to the right of the fire are any Eagle Scouts who are present, and to the left are any Veterans of our Armed Services who are present. Each Eagle Scout and each Veteran is given the blue field of our flag with the fifty stars intact, representing the Union that will not be divided. One by one the Scouts then the Veterans will place their portion of the flag onto the fire and salute as the blue field is consumed by fire.

    After the last blue field is consumed, those in attendance quietly leave, stopping to thank our Veterans for their Service. I can never leave without tears in my eyes, and a greater respect for those who Serve/have Served our Country.

    For you Service and your Sacrifices, I Thank You!
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    I thank my young son every time that I can as he is serving in Afghanistan right now. But this is a sight that I will have to follow up on and see. I would love to see those young men in training. Respect..that is all we hope for and the rest will follow. I salute those young men and thank them for all that they do. And a thank you to their parents as it seems that they are guiding their young men correctly.
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    My son is also serving in Afghanistan, and it warms my heart to watch these reunions on the video. I can't wait to give him his "welcome home hug". Not everyone is aware of the personal sacrifices these troopers make, like missing birthdays, important ones like #1!, their child's first steps, etc. I take every opportunity to thank him for his service, and to thank God for all the young people who serve protecting our constitution, and to prevent that kind of "humanity" from reaching our shores. Thanks for sharing the video Glider!
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    Unfortunately my monitor must be going on the blink, because shortly after trying to watch this video clip the picture got real blurry. Perhaps I will luck out and it may just be the air conditioner blowing cold air into my eyes.
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    So true Pru...have the same problem all the time with this sort of thing. Funny..Back when I was the young buck and serving my country I couldn't understand why Mom would always cry....Well, ok, Like they say what goes around comes around.
    Bless your son Gilligan,may he walk under the blanket of the Lord our Father and stay safe. Thank you for his service and your support in raising a fine young man.And yes thank you Glider for a great video.