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    Installed tfi and would like to say what a difference it has made to my 09 heritage. Definately has woke this beauty up, to say the least. Running screaming eagle slip-ons and bike was running very lean before and it does'nt seem to run get as hot, especially in stop and go situations. Would really like to thank everybody at hd talking, it is such a great site, self help tips are great and very helpful. Don't profess to being a mechanic but install went relatively easy on tfi. Changing all three holes on bike and scavenging oil from bike as per glider's instructions have saved me money by not having to take it to the local stealer. Just wanted to say thank you to you folks. Great Site
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    Next, free flowing air filter, and your stage I is complete.
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    Happy to see that you read some of the posts in the self help area. Lots of info in there to help all if we could just get them to read it.:D

    Glad the TFI worked out for you too. It's a great unit and easy to install and setup.