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TFI vs. Thunder Max


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TFI Tech support is available here on HDT direct from Dobeck.
TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community

Many questions have been asked in regard to tuners and how they operate in comparison to other tuners so I copied this reply from a post and posted it here for reference.

These two units are at different ends of the spectrum. The T Max is what I call the ultimate as far as tuning. it eliminates the dyno tuning and is an active tuner that will adjust as you ride once the correct base map is loaded. It takes about 500 miles of riding to completely tune the map.

The TFI is just a fuel enrichment device and no more. It will add what you tell it to add. It doesn't require dyno tuning unless you wish to do it and isn't adjusting the ignition curve. Price comparison is wide, $200-$300 for the TFI and $700-$800 for the T max.

The T Max is new to the market and it's reliability will be known after a few years whereas the TFI has been around quite a while and has been proven to be reliable.

Wallet thickness is what should be used in making a logical decision but one more thing here is that there isn't going to be a HUGE difference between units as far as the way the bike runs. The T Max no doubt will dial things in better and more completely but for a price.

As with any tuner, if dyno pulls are needed, the question arises of how good the dyno and operator are. There are some great tuners around, but then again there are some that are not so good too. The TFI usually doesn't result in dyno time where the T Max doesn't need it either.

If what you are looking for is the best running V Twin, then I would go with the T Max over the TFI. Like mentioned, there will not be a huge difference between the final results of the two units, but it may be enough to justify the difference for you.

The big thing to consider is a breakdown on the road and resulting trip to the dealers. The TFI can be removed without a trace and the T Max is an ECM replacement so the dealer will not be able to work with it and possibly will start the "voided warranty" song.

Depends on how far you wish to go which unit should be considered.