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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by johnv50, Apr 15, 2009.

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    I just installed the TFI and am very happy about the way it picked up the performance of my 09 SG. I have however noticed a large drop in mileage. From earlier posts it appears that this can be helped by turning pot #2 back . My question is how far back ?? and how will this affect performance ??

    thanks johnv
  2. harley@16

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    you also have to make sure the 4 pot is set at 70% of red line rpm (the setting there should be for about 4000 rpm,) or the 3 (red) pot (the high idle pot) will kick in too soon. the bulk of the additional fuel is generally the 1 (green)pot reportedly the best settings are between 2:3o and 4:eek:o position. the 2 (yellow) pot is for accleleration and will use more fuel if you accelerate hard allways. you shouldn't need more than a setting of 3 in this pot if you're running stock.
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    Just remember that what you're doing is enriching the mixture in any case; which, of course, will reduce mileage. There is no free lunch!
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    The pot #2 (accel pot) can be dialed down considerable without any noted results in performance which should bring the MPG back up again. The settings given with the unit are a bit on the rich side and can be lowered a bit on each but the #4 pot (crossover). I like to set the #1 pot as described at about 1800RPM and then back that down just a tad too to the leaner side. Remember each number on the pot corresponds to the equivilent of a jet size in difference in a carb setup.
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    I have just installed a set of V&H on my 07 XL1200C as the first step in my upgrade. Before the final phase (TFI tuner and K&N filter) I have checked again all the relevant post; my head hurts :p I have reached saturation point!

    I have, on the gleaned info, decided that a TFI is the way forward as I am unlikely to go further than Stage I and might need to revert to stock at a later date.

    My last hesitation is in the choice of unit, between theDynatek FI Controller and the Techlusion TFI.
    According to the comparison chart on The EFI Comparisons post, the former is slightly cheaper, allows you to add AND subtract fuel and is waterproof. According to their info, Techlusion are now producing a 3rd generation TFI with digital control of the pots. I am waiting for them to get back to me with info as regards availability for my bike.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    If you were to check into the Dynatec, you may find that like the DFO, it is made by Techlusion also. The add subtract feature is arrived at with three positions of a different switch other than the fuel pots and I seriously doubt that you are subtracting from the factory fuel map with the unit, only from the previous setting on the unit and that's how they arive at that.