TFI installed !

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by martin14, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. martin14

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    Well, I finally got my TFI installed, and oh does it run nice :D

    acceleration -- better
    popping on upshift -- gone
    surging on highway -- gone
    popping on decel -- 80% gone, may fiddle a bit more to see if I want to
    get rid of all of it, or maybe a keep a bit, just for old times sake.

    G 2
    Y 4
    R 4
    rpm 4

    However, not all went smooth as silk.
    List of issues:

    getting the unit -- there is a distributor in Italy, they wont sell to the public,
    insisting a dealer installs it. Got in touch with Dobeck directly,
    they shipped me one from the US about the same price. They threw in a discount for being a member here ( thanks :) )
    Then UPS soaked me for an extra hundred bucks for import and 'service'.. grrrr

    installation --
    after depressurizing and the disconnect for the fuel line, mine started leaking;
    not gushing, but like when you dont close the kitchen tap all the way.
    Note to self: next time, do this with an EMPTY gas tank :20:
    time lost, and of course the obligatory fuel spill.

    That video of George and the Dyna is a bit optomistic, IMO.
    I wound up with my gas tank almost completely off the bike, looking more
    like this:

    EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection Controllers - Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, UTV

    included removing the console ( 2 mins ), just missed the crossover
    to completely remove the tank.

    My bike is 8 years old, the injectors were ' well settled ' in their home,
    took a bit of persuasion to get them turned around to get them off.
    Nothing impossible, but some work.

    Tuning was easy, very nice.. just like a carb :)

    All in all, nice unit, not too tough to install, very happy with the results.
    Bike feels better, and no more popping down the road :)

    Thanks to Steve07 and cedarbrooke for some last minute tuning ideas....
  2. STEVE07

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    Glad you got it done and you are happy with the results:)
    If you find you are chewing up too much fuel you can turn that #2 pot down a bit:s
  3. NYHarley

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    Did you replace another Fuel Controller with the TFI or was this your first?
  4. martin14

    martin14 Active Member

    First one.

    The wife says the bike has gone from a tinny gun on decel
    to a ... purring bear ... :)