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TFI Installation On 05 Bike (Pictorial)*


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TFI Tech support is available here on HDT direct from Dobeck.
TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community

This may give you some help on the installation to see it actually done.
The TFI is a fuel controlling device used on fuel injected bikes that lets you tune the amount of fuel delivery in different areas much the same as jetting a carb model does.
It does so by altering the pulse width of the fuel injectors. In other words it keeps them open longer which is accomplished with the potentiometer adjusters in the unit.
There are four of them which you use a small screwdriver to adjust.
It is a plug and play unit and very easy to install and adjust.

Techlusion Tech Support..877-764-3337 (877-SNIFFER) Chris, He's a great guy to talk to.

Techlusion home page.

Here's a pictorial on the installation.
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection Controllers

VIDEO installation...
YouTube - Techlusion TFI install

YouTube - ‪TFI fuel injection control install on a Harley Davidson Road King touring bike‬‏

Here's a video of how they are made...
YouTube - ‪Electronic Fuel Injection Control by Dobeck Performance: EFI tuning Made In America‬‏


One thing, if you lift the tank to do the installation to get at the injectors, don't lift higher than needed, you can break the plastic fuel line end under the frame ($45). I usually prop the rear of the tank up with a towel rolled up after removing the mount bolts for the tank to give the necessary room to get at the injector plugs.