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    I'm about to wire in my new TFI. I have the tank up and all looks right except the leads to the o2 sensor bypass wires are too short. Did anyone have to pull the sensor lead out of the harness to connect them? This is for an 07 Electraglide standard. I ordered the correct unit and got it as ordered. The 1250 ST to be exact. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is no wires on the sensor bypasses,if you pull up on the rear 02 sensor wiring you will find one plug,disconnect it and plug the bypass into it(it came in the package and looks like a connector cap) Then look on the forward crossmember you will find the other connector,do the same thing
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    the 2 sets of leads you have are to the injectors one to plug into the injector the other to plug factory harness connector to injector into tfi .. the 02 bypass is a little black plug with no wires on it
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    I get it now. The fuel injector lead is the only thing pluged in! The TFI is in line with the fuel injector leads For some reason I thought the sensor leads were part of the equation.
    Thanks Steve07.
    you too Bud.