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    Adding V&H slipons purchased TFI gen 3 from dobrek based on postings here. I'm learning as I go, on the road king how do I get to the injectors?

    On Suzuki I was able to lift tank with no issue. On RK I removed three bolts and can barley lift tank. Do I need to pull hoses? Also under speedo housing is harness that is crazy tight does that need to come loose to?

    I know newbie questions but I don't want to screw this up.with the little room there I can see injector but barley able to squeeze spring to remove the injector.

    Any tricks you can provide I'll be thankful for.

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    First find the fuse for the fuel pump and remove it. Start the motorcycle and run the system dry, it will stall, then you can disconnect the fuel line. Remove the rear tank bolt, cut a small block of wood to fit between the tank and the spine of the frame. Lift the rear of the tank, it will piviot on the two front bolts, slid in the block to hold the tank up, this should give you access to the injectors. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you. Helps to (EDIT) Local dealer had an 05 shop manual on the shelf! Score! Got me my dobrek installed and V&H tapered slipons hah sweet music!

    Save a little over dealer, had to buy a impact gun to get the bolts off. But at least I got it for the next job!

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    Buying a tool to complete a job is something i have done on more than one occasion and usually tools get used again and again so in my experience they are always a good investment