TFI Gen 3 Stage II Setting

Discussion in 'TFI Settings' started by jwquinn, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. jwquinn

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    Hey everyone! I finished my stage II mod this past weekend. I installed S&S 583 cams, Quickee Pushrods and new lifters. All went well and the bike fired right up. I haven't had a chance to get out for a test ride yet, but should be doing that this weekend.

    My stage 1 kit consists of the SE Air Kit, Doebeck Gen 3, Rush slip ons. The o2 sensors are out of the mix.

    I was wondering if anyone had any initial tfi recommendations? I reset the Doebeck to:
    GB -2

    I know I'll be tweaking it as I go, but I was looking for a starting point that will treat the engine well. Thanks

    Oh, and I did all the work myself, so if anyone has any questions on how that went, I'm happy to oblige. 2012 FLSTC. See ya! :D
  2. coopernicus

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    Hey jwquinn, you listed 2 r settings in your post. Is the first R really supposed to be the G setting?
  3. jwquinn

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    Hi Bob - yeah thanks for the response. It should be the G setting. Here's what I should have posted:

    G - 1.5
    Y - 3
    R - 3
    GB - 2
    YB - 4
    RB - 4.5

    I was getting pretty bad mileage with this setting - it dropped by roughly 30% from 42 to 31 mpg. I reset the G setting to .5 and mileage has improved slightly. That's essentially the stock HD EFI module setting. I'm wondering if it may be an issue with having the HD EFI flashed after I added the slip ons and the SE Air Cleaner. That wouldn't have increased the fuel too much, but throw in the new cams and I think I'm running pretty rich now. Resetting G to .5 hasn't made the bike run any hotter, and mileage is back up to about 35 mpg. The power is worth the mileage trade-off, I'm just trying to find the right balance now.
  4. glazier

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    you might need to rent one of those AFR gauges from Dobeck to dial it in just right. I just installed a Gen 3 this past weekend and my initial settings are

    G 3.5
    Y 2.5
    R 2.5
    GB 8
    YB 4
    RB 4.5

    These numbers were taken from Dobecks website. I haven't verified them on the unit yet. No where in the packaging did it say what it was actually set at from the factory, so I'm assuming their website is correct.
    Mine is a 2013 Ultra Limited with Wild Pig pipes, decatted header, and a SE a/c. Stock cams. Haven't had a chance to get it out on the highway yet, but rode around the lake Saturday after the install, and it ran great. Will have to check mileage, but I was only getting 35-36 mpg before I did anything to it. I tend to have a heavy right wrist on the highway though.
  5. coopernicus

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    my settings are g-3 y-2.5 r-2.5 gb-2 yb-4.5 rb-5. this is on a 2013 heritage.
    no cams, just big air and screaming eagle mufflers with big city thunder baffles. I get around 35 riding locally and when steady on a long ride 45mpg.