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    hi all,
    well many of you have helped me with the decisions leading up to the purchase of an air cleaner and fueler. so I purchased the se heavy breather and the tfi unit for my 07 lowrider.

    thought i would finally try and give back a little bit of information to the forum instead of just taking...:)

    I am a chainsaw nut, and have spent a great deal of time doing away with the epa leanness of my saws. as soon as a new one if purchased, off comes the carburetor limiters and the cylinder head that is ported and polished. then i port the muffler and back together with a nearly 20% gain in power and much cooler running conditions.

    These harley motors are a bit different story even beyond the point of being more expensive than a $200 head for a chainsaw. but i was very happy to know i would be able to do some small mods for the same types of improvements i search for on two stroke engines.

    anyway enough of my background, on to what i have found. I like doing things in stages so first was a set of V+h staggered duals, baffles still intact. not a lot of improvement other than sound.

    next came tfi on friday. installed and mounted on tank(idea from here) in about 30 minutes. amazed how quickly it went on. current settings 2:45, 3,3,4. I wanted to ride the bike prior to install of heavy breather to see how things performed. i rode about 60 miles ten of which were in town and the rest on highway no wind screen, and speeds ranging from 65 to 80. was in 6th a lot and did not activate the yellow light much at all. pulled in for fuel and got 47 mpg.

    the bike was running better more smooth, no surging and better range throught the gears.

    installed the s+e heavy breather on sat. install was easy and took about 25 minutes. started the bike and could immediately tell the motor was getting lots more air. made small increases on the tfi and headed out on the road. road about 80 miles again. got 36 mpg. this was with some pretty heavy throttle work, and two hard quarter mile drag runs!!, speeds of 75 to 90 on the 70 mile highway run with wind screen.

    i don't want to post my final settings because i am going to do some more tweaking. but my overall reviews for the tfi are as follows.

    1. install is super easy

    2. first noticable difference is low rpm smoothness.

    3. power increase in 1st and 2nd are negligible

    4. power increase in 3rd through 5th are noticable

    5. 6th gear is a whole new animal. prior to full stage 1, in my opinion, 6th was somewhat of a waste as far as a drive gear. it was definitely an overdrive or cruise gear. now you can actually climb a hill and hold your speed, or roll on and pass a car in 6th. very imressive improvement.

    6. i think that mounting the tfi on the tank for a few hundred miles is a great idea and adjust and watch what the yellow pot 2 does. you can still get great milage with the tfi. i found that i can roll on rather hard in 1st through 4th and not kick in the yellow pot even when set at 3.5. 5ht and 6th gears will activate the #2 pot much quicker which does make sense.

    anyway sorry if things are a little gramatically incorrect, i wanted to get this posted before my 9:45 meeting. lol running a little late. i think my priorities are finally getting lined up. :s

    thanks again for everyones help.


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    Joe ....

    NICELY DONE on your report... Can't wait for MORE from you....

    Don't Hold Back, as Many Here on HDT Need Your information and Your using the "Seat of the Pants Tuning" to make your bike run STRONG..... Ours will run better also...

    The TFI is a fantastic product and your explanation is needed... It Helps the other members who Drag their Feet to get going and install one..... It is the Best (easiest to install/set-up) One in the market place today.. IMHO

    Hoople, Nothing showing Power/Beauty of your set-up would I call OFF TOPIC... Beautiful and I would like to Hear and See more about the unit you showed... Is it a full sized "Get on aboard" or a model? With a bigger prop. for Air, It looks to be enough power to Push A Harley down the road..

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    thanks for the vote of approval. I will have much more to post on my final settings and results.

    I have to agree that the tfi is one of the best and easiest products out there, and no one should drag there feet when it comes to getting some more ponies and a longer lasting motor this easily. :s
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    G-man; Don't worry about the grammar or spelliing. I like reading factual findings about a product much more than "it feels great" reports. I have a TFI on my Eglide, and wish that I had made some before baselines, so I could make an interesting post like yours. Keep 'em coming. :s
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    Ill 2nd that......