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TFI/DFO Updated Info


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TFI Tech support is available here on HDT direct from Dobeck.
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Here's the latest update on the default setting on the TFI/DFO fuel management units.

I spoke to George at Techlusion and found out about the default setting of the TFI pot #4, to change it to 7 from the recommended setting of 4. The setting of this pot to 7 changes the characteristics of the unit to default to other settings that may benefit the fuel mileage but not necessarily the performance .

If you set the #4 pot (high speed) to 7 on the dial, it then makes the crossover from low to the high speed circuit at 4500 RPM instead of the usual 4000 RPM when set at 4 on that pot. It also removes the extra fuel that is added by the green (low speed pot) until approximately 2000 RPM's.

This may be beneficial to some that are running stage 2 upgrades in the ECM in that it would eliminate an overly rich condition on a cold start up and also reduce the fuel added in a low RPM range below 2000 RPM's. It may not however serve any usefull purpose on stock ECM's with the factory downloads.

It may not be beneficial to all applications, but well worth a try.

Techlusion Tech Support..877-764-3337