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Texas Holdem'

Well there is hardly a soul out there anymore that does not know what Texas Holdem' is. I play about twice a week with some friends and in between those times I occasionally catch an online tournament or two. I really like playing and love that it is a game of skill that I can make a little extra money at sometimes. Does anyone else play?
I have tried and play this game on the internet and I found it good. I am not yet a skillful player since I did not play it very often but I like the excitement it generates when playing it.
I play Holdem' all the time. I have a weekly game with friends, and then we play with some other couples about once a week. I have tried it online but would much rather play in the casino, I think that not being face to face takes something away from this game.
I play poker a few times a week with a group of the guys. We have it at one another's houses and most of the time it ends up being at my house since I am the only single guy and there is not wife around here nagging everyone. I have never played the game for money yet but I would love to try someday.