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Discussion in 'Southwest' started by masterguns, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. masterguns

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    Departing the DFW area early AM on Nov 11. Will be meeting a small group of riders on various makes in Alpine. There will be many rides down to and through the Big Bend area; Big Bend National Park, Terlinqua, Presidio, Fort Davis, etc. I am planning to leave and head back to the DFW area on the following Monday. Anyone interested in riding along, give me a call or PM.
  2. captkirkis

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    OHHHHH, don't I wish!! Would love to go with ya masterguns, but gotta work and save my time off for next summers ride to Sturgis & Yellowstone:D! Enjoy the ride as I have heard it is really beautiful down there (in the winter when its warm, not hot:s).
  3. jaceddie

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    Masterguns, that sounds like a wonderful ride! Wish I could go. I've only just touched the north side of Texas on a ride back from out West, but would like to spend more time and check out your state. I'm going to spend January in Florida, so maybe before I head home to Ohio, I can come a little west and check it out. Ride safe!
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    If you can, take a ride down the "river road" out of Terlinga. It is quite a nice ride, don't get in a hurry though, there are some odd turns and dips... Have fun & ride safe...