Test ride on a 2010 Street Glide

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Sheepdogmarine, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Sheepdogmarine

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    I have been thinking about a new bike for a while now. I went by the dealer yesterday and rode a Street Glide to see how a touring bike would be. I have to say I was not that impressed.

    When I got my Fatboy, I was surprised at how little vibration it had, I always thought Harleys were supposed to vibrate.:) Well that nice, smooth "B" engine has spoiled me. While sitting and idling on the SG, it was very annoying. Fairing rattling, everything shaking. Now, it was 98deg yesterday so it was hot, maybe that made it seem worse.

    The bike rode good enough, they set you up on a 20 mile route that includes some twisties. That part of it was very nice.

    The next thing I noticed was the seat. While feeling very comfortable at first, after about ten miles, it seemed to be bunching up and not very comfortable. I have a Corbin seat on my FB and maybe am just used to it. Again, I am sure the heat did not help the seat out at all.

    The worst thing about the ride and I guess you could blame the dealer is the low windshield. I know they look cool and I would have chosen the small one over a taller one, but I had to ride about 7 miles at 70mph and hated it. The wind buffeting shook my head like I stuck it in a paint shaker. Now maybe I have a huge melon, but I had to ride tucked down like a ricer to be a little comfortable.

    I got back to the dealer and mentioned the above. Their responses were that the vibrating at idle goes away once under way. It did, I just was not used to it. The seat is not a big deal as I am sure I would change it anyway. Then they said about the wind that, "oh yeah, you need a 6.5 inch windshield, then it is fine." All of this had given me such a bad headache that I just wanted to go get some lunch. It stinks getting old I guess.:(

    I am not bashing anyone with a bagger or their bikes. I actually love the way some of them look. I am just mentioning what I noticed on my first touring bike ride. They offered to bring the wife back for another ride on the Street Glide and then the Road King, so we will see.

    When I got home last night, I ordered the Arnott air shocks for my Fatboy and am going to get a Baker 6 speed kit. I think my test ride helped me to decide to keep the Fatboy.

    After reading so many great posts about how great the touring bikes are, I guess I was just a little disappointed. I was really expecting a big difference. I did find out that I am not quite ready for a fairing, maybe it will never be my thing. I did learn my Fatboy rides great and aside from the 6 speed, does not need much for me to be happy with it.

    Has anyone else noticed these things? Did you just learn to live with them?

    Ride Safe!
  2. Redman

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    I had been riding unfaired bikes since 76 and it was a real trip to hop on my glide and ride. I did immediately get a 8 inch recurve windshield and that makes it a joy. The vibration...just the way it is and does go away once you leave the idle or stop sign. I do have an 09 which I enjoy...put 10,000 miles on her so far..the fairing was new to me so once I stopped trying to look over it I enjoyed having it...especially in rain storms its like riding in a light shower not having to take all of it on the chest. I have less fatigue after a 800 mile day. In fact this year I left sturgis at 6 am and rolled into my backyard at 9 that night not tired or sore...some have a much different opinion about stock seatbut it is miles ahead of your stock metric seats. Thanks for the info about the 2010 model. If I were to suggest a 09 or 2010 I would pick up the 09 at a discount now that the 10s are here. Thanks again for the info.:s I should mention ...Thanks for your service as your screen name indicates.
  3. Grillfish

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    That's a great report. I went from an 02 1200 XLC to the 2009 Road Glide. The vibration at idle is true, but like you said smoothed right out. The RG has the buffeting issues too, but I changed out to a new taller one with recurve. Now, I go 80 mph with no issues at all. The seat, well changing that one out to and I added a backrest.

    So your review is spot on, but I do love my RG (and wished I kept my Sporty as I did alot of engine work and it was a great city bike and fast as heck).

    Enjoy your FB, that was my wife's first choice but got the RG instead.
  4. flhx07

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    Great post Sheepdogmarine, I traded in my 1998 Fatboy for my 07 FLHX. I ride every day year around. Approximately 74 miles round trip. I like the Street Glide, but honestly I miss my Fatboy.
    Go Navy Beat Army.
  5. Stormrider51

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    The fact that different riders like different qualities in a bike is why Harley makes so many models. :D I'm the exact opposite of Sheepdogmarine. I've owned an ElectraGlide and now own a '09 Road King. I've ridden a Fat Boy and wasn't the least impressed. My feet felt like they were too far forward and the seat had a certain part of my anatomy begging for relief within 20 miles. For some reason I felt like I had to slouch to reach the handlebars and this caused my ageing back to complain even before the seat got to me. A friend and I had swapped bikes for a while on a ride and I was more than ready to get back on my EG.

    I figure I could alter a FB to suit me but bottom line is that I'm happy with what I have and that's what counts. My RK isn't exactly the way it was when I first sat on it at the dealership either. They changed out the seat as one of the conditions of the sale but that is the only alteration I've made. Yes, I can shake a martini by just sitting on the bike at idle but as others have mentioned the bike smooths out at speed. As for comfort, I could ride longer than my bladder will let me. One final point, and this is probably true for everyone, I love the way the RK looks. To me it looks like a motorcycle should look. The FB just doesn't do it for me.

  6. Sheepdogmarine

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    Thanks for all of the great posts!

    Redman, thanks, but I was in the Army. I did my service though and I appreciate all others who have done theirs and are currently doing it. It's the reason we can have all of these different bikes to choose from. Sheepdog Marine is the name of my company. I have two Old English Sheepdogs and work on boats.

    Stormrider, you are exactly right. That is why there are so many models. And to be honest, the handlebars, seat and other things have been changed on my Fatboy to fit me. I certainly know I could change all of that on the SG, I was just bringing up what I saw.

    Like RichardS said, there are so many great reviews about the new baggers that maybe I just set my expectations too high.

    I do think the dealer is doing the bike a disservice by not changing the windshield. Several of you have changed them because of the same problem, so why don't they do it so your first impression is the best it can be. Again a dealer problem. I am not bashing the bike either. I would love to say that the bone stock exhaust did not annoy me, but it really did, I just did not want to bring that up before. Might make me seem like a Redneck.:guitar

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could just get a new bike with no exhaust, seat or handlebars since they all seem to be the first things to get replaced? In all honesty, I only know one person who left their bike completely stock. Maybe it just fit him good as is.

    I am still considering a bagger, but am convinced I will keep the Fatboy and maybe get a new bike in the spring. I really like the Roadglide, but they only had the Street Glide or a Road King for test drives.

    Thanks for all of the replies. Ride Safe!!:cheers
  7. gs34

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    Good post. Remember, those are 2 completely different animals, so there are going to be lots of differences.
    I jumped on my sons 96 FatBoy yesterday morning and had forgotten just how well it handled and how easy it was to throw around. Now I'm sure someone riding a sporty would be saying what a "sled" that FLSTF is and it handles like a truck!!
    Whatever you ride, it takes more than one short trip to decide whether it is the ride you have been looking for or not.
    Seldom do you fall in love on your very 1st ride. It takes time, and you make changes. That's what makes your ride your very own.
  8. Sheepdogmarine

    Sheepdogmarine Active Member

    You are exactly right. I think I will go rent what I think I want for a week. You cannot tell a lot from a 20 mile ride. Before I plunk down $20K or so, I would not mind wasting 5 or 6 hundred to be sure.

    I really like the look of the low windshield, but has anyone kept that one? I'll have to check out the Recurve windshields some of you mentioned.

  9. Rewind

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    Thanks for the fine write up!!! I have a buddy that is thinking of purchasing a 2010 S.G. I'll pass this info along to him.
  10. Riviera Reg

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    Sheepdogmarine - Great report on the 2010 Street Glide. Upgrading the windscreen to a slightly higher one than stock (i.e. 6.5" or 8.0") drastically reduces the buffeting problems, and makes for a more comfortable (and safe) ride.

    As with most things, everyone's taste is different when it comes to motorcycles. From a touring prospective, for my tastes and requirements I love my 2008 Street Glide. I just completed a 5 day 2,600 mile trip around the US Pacific Northwest through pouring rain, sun, heat, cold, etc and the Street Glide performed great!!