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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by Dr. Dolittle, Apr 25, 2008.

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    Have a nice vented leather jacket with liner but it's finally warm enough that even with the liner out and all vents open, it's just too much, especially stopped at a red light with no breeze and the sun shining on you. Got into a bad habit last summer of just cruising around in a T shirt and jeans. Vowed to get some type of summer jacket for protection purposes.

    Bought the Tenacity Mesh yesterday and I love it so far. Rode to the dealership in my leather and home in the mesh. Wow - like someone turned on a fan to keep me cool all the way home.

    I know the mesh doesn't protect as well as the leather but I got the elbow/shoulder armor that goes in it so it's a heck of a lot better than a cotton T shirt. Also it's silver so it's not quite as much of a solar heat panel as the ever popular solid black that Harley riders seem to prefer!

    I'll update if I find any shortcomings with this jacket.
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    Summer is when you don't have to scrape ice and they stop gritting, right?......O.K. you're right, it's not summer yet.
    But today is:rider going to be warm!
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    I wear a leather vest,jeans,fingerless gloves and good boots ,stupid I know,but what a rush on the open road,if only we didnt have to wear crash helmets like in the good old days.......when the couple of dry, warm, days we call summer here arrive.
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    I was thinking about buying the Tenacity jacked in silver and black... How are the sizing for those jackets, Im a big guy 4XL, should i order one in a size larger or do harley clothes tend to fit the standard sizes.
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    Last summer we went through California, Arizona, New Mexico,and Texas.My wife, and I both have one. With armor...as far as I could see... no downside other than I know: if I go down it won't protect as well as leather. Its a cool ride for sure. Got mine at the Harley Store...Black and Silver on special..if ya bought it the armor was free...was a 49.00 saving...actually was a 98.00 dollar saving..i paid for both...lol
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    Try Fieldsheer Textile Jacket, gives you plenty of ventilation and keeps cool.