Temporary Man Law Waiver

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by irpete, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. irpete

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    :small3d022:Man Law Section 210 Article 1 states:
    Two guys should not ride 2 up

    The Details:
    I my buddy just bought a used Police Road King and needs to pick it up today. He is new to the area and doesn't have any family that can drive him to pick it up. He lives about 30 miles from me and he needs to go another 30 miles to pick up his bike. Legally, he still has a motorcycle learner's permit and can only legally ride alongside another licensed rider (no Solo rides). Once he has picked up the bike we plan on doing a good ride today. The weather today is going to be one of the first good riding days of the season.

    My options:
    1. Drive my truck 30 miles to his house to pick him up. Drive 30 more miles in a differant direction to pick up the bike and then drive 60 miles back to my house with him following (illegally) to pick up my bike.

    2. Ride my Heritage 30 miles solo to his house then dare I say it, ride 2 up to pick up the bike (dropping him off around the corner from the dealer :). Begin our legal ride from the dealer.

    I know 2 guys riding 2 up is GAY. I've thought about making him hold an empty gas can :D

    Part of me says I'm secure in my manhood and I really don't care what other people think. But then again if we all are really honest, we do care what others think.

    Therefore my friends, I think the smart thing to do would be to stay legal and ask you my peers for a temporary waiver of Section 210 of the Man Law.:bigsmiley31:

    What would you do?? This should spark up some fun responses.
  2. marty

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    make him hold gallon gas can then toss it when you drop him off!!!
  3. STEVE07

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    I hope your buddy has a sense of humour and cuddles up to you if he see's anyone that you know!
  4. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    Give him a ride on the back, don't be a wuss. I did with a similar circumstance but the guy was about 300 lbs. I'll never do that again, almost had me sitting on the tank.:hii

    Now if he wanted to hold on by wrapping his arms around you.........make him walk! :lolrolling
  5. Crazyfrog

    Crazyfrog Active Member

    Make him wear a wig and some makeup, then just go fast enough that no one will notice!
    (if they do notice, they'll just think you got an ugly one!)
  6. The4opps1

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    In high school, one of my good friends had a '56 Buick with no back seat. One day, he picked up my other friend and I to take a ride to who knows where. The three of us were in the front seat, and I was in the middle. Everytime we'd stop for a traffic light, my other friend, to my right, would lean over as if to tie his shoe lace. I recall turning to the driver and asking why everyone was staring at us. It never dawned on me what the guy to my right was doing, or how it looked to passersby in 1965...Take your friend two up and pick up the bike. Who cares what strangers think.....
  7. KingHeritage

    KingHeritage Junior Member

    He's your friend.Do the right thing and help him out.Who cares what others think!
  8. Clint

    Clint Active Member

    I'll write you a waiver, ride!

    Just don't let him wave at other bikers passing by.............:s
  9. irpete

    irpete Member

    Thanks all for your responses. I'm heading out now. Although the point of this post was for fun, it is reassuring to see that my waiver request seems to have been granted :)
  10. drake

    drake Senior Member

    Take him on your bike! Just don't let him be smelling your cologne while he's riding behind you!!!