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Techlusion TFI on an 08 Ultra


Anybody using a Techlusion TFI fuel manager on your 08? If so why did you choose it over others? Did it help with the heat issue? How did it affect your gas mileage?
I have it on my 07 and it works well. It does eliminate some of the heat but no all. The 96 will run hotter than previous years with any tuner. The MPG suffers as with most tuners because the stock setting is so lean from the factory. The 96 isn't getting great MPG in most instances any way.
Thx for the response. The TFI seems like the simplest solution to the lean mixture. Relatively cheap also, and easy to install. I'll probably wait a couple months before I make the final decision to do TFI and stage one. I already have SE slipons--the older version--and they sound great.

i just looked at the stie glider and assume this will work on a completely stock bike.

The TFI will work on a stock bike as well. Mixtures are lean from the factory but the biggest improvement comes when you add the stage 1 and exhaust.
So Glider, if you install an after market tuner(I've been thinking about the power commander)And they send it all set up according to my pipes air cleaner, would that setting would be different from a stage one?
I assume you mean a stage one download from the dealer. If so yes it would be different. The dealer downloads are on the lean side regardless and are not adjustable as the PC III is.