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Hi Guys and girls

Not having been on it since the bike came back from the dealer to get some minor issues fixed (there stil not sorted though) I decided to give it a good wash today. I think they must have tested it when there was still salt on the road because both the front and the rear wheel rim is pitted from salt corrosion. I know already that going back to them will not help much as there's no group of people better at denying than Shaw HD in the UK.
I've read up about polishing wheels in the forum but what I don't know is if my wheels are bare polished alloy or if they have a laquer finish on them. It's a stock '07 Ultra.
Any advise on this greatly appreciated.
They should be uncoated. Try some polish like nevr dull and see if the cotton wadding turns black. If it does turn black, they are uncoated which I believe they are.

Depending on how bad they are pitted, you may be able to just polish them being it is an 07. If it is a bit deeper, you can carefully try some wet or dry sandpaper (brand name) of about 1500- 1800 grit used wet and that should remove slight pitting, then a good polishing will bring back the shine.


If you want to polish by machine and don't have a buffer, you can get a buffing ball like the flitz ball that will make it easier. You use it in an electric or cordless drill. Third row down here.

Flitz metal polish, fiberglass and paint restorer.

Or the bigger one like this.

Win's Lighting: Cleaning & Polishing Accesories
Thanks for the info Glider.
It's reassuring to know that it can be solved. I should have checked a little better though but as they shipped it to and from my house by trailer I never thought about the salt.
I brought back a lot of chrome on my fxrs with good ol mothers aluminum polish and a 3 speed dremil tool on low speed.
I've bought the U.K version of the mini buffing ball but had to start with a different polish as the nevr dull is hard to get your hand at here (unless you want to pay twice as much for postage as the product price).
The polish chosen is not doing the job as I wanted (pitting a little to deep maybe) so I will have to hunt over the weekend to find a better one. Might look into a Dremel with polishing wheel for the tricky small areas.
Harry if you are going to polish them buy one of the readily available kits off the net it comes with all you need including the vienna lime, then Belgom on the bare metal jobs done, i did my forks on a couple of bikes and even in the salt ridden winter we have all they needed was a wipe down and polish with belgom when i washed it never repitted
Now that's what I call a great tip. I don't think i would have found that myself.
I've ordered the 8 piece kit!
Thanks for the advise I let you know of the result!:ap