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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by yortr, Jun 30, 2012.

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    2007 softtail custom I am on my third belt in two months (EXPENSIVE). The first belt I was going down the road and I stopped pulling, after inspection all the teeth on belt had sheared off. Had a belt put on two days later belt split down the middle and sheared of some of the teeth. Third belt has been on for 3000 miles and sheard off all the teeth again. Almost like put a filet knife on belt and cut teeth off. Last shop said the rear pully had rough spots were the teeth of the belt went and this could have caused it did not replace. The teeth or not worn of but ripped or cut off. Any help would be great.

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    Sounds like something is out of alignment. I'd get a straight edge and start checking the pulleys and even the wheel. Or find a better shop to check it out. Good luck

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    How HARD do you get on the bike?

    It takes a lot to take off the belt teeth IF your pulleys are good and PROPER adjustment of the belt in the first place...

    How many miles TOTAL on the bike?

    Not sure about your 07 softail, BUT on my 09, there is NO alignment made perposely by HD. So IF on the softail you have Individual set bolts to align,,,, Check them also...
    I doubt if alignment has much to do with the teeth missing. TOO LOOSE or TIGHT will affect belts not the alignment more than likely.(unless WAY out)

    Hard outward motion of the clutch and High RPM have more to do with it.:21:

    The sharp edges on the PULLEYS (check both) matching teeth CAN cut like a knife,,,,, A combination of all this above may cause the belt to shear off the teeth.:53:

    That is all I have for know.

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    Bad alignment and incorrect tension are the biggest problems here. Check both pulleys for wear and check the transmission pulley is not loose
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    The bushings in the rear swing arm could be bad. That would allow the swing arm to pull forward during hard acceleration. That shortens the distance between the two pulleys and allows the belt to climb up & over teeth which destroys it. Once it hops, it shears the teeth off.

    Gates talks about it on their web sight.