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TC88 Cam Chain/tentioner problems


This subject has already been discussed here, I know, but besides replacing the stock silent chain and spring tentioners or going to gear drive, there is a third option. Andrews sells a 07 roller chain convertion to fit TC88. Actually Andrews only sells the cam shafts with the larger outboard journals. You can then buy the 07 Cam support plate, roller chains, tentioners, and oil pump from HD dealer. Then you will have upgrades of the 06 Danas and 07 96TC. The roller chain has been "smoothed" on the side that contacts the tentioner and the tentioners are hydraulic. *The early 99 TC88 require that an oil hole be plugged on the new cam support plate. If you go to andrew product display case phase at
they can e-mail you the installation instructions with lots of pictures. Note: When asking for the parts at the HD parts counter you should tell them that it for a (any) 07 Bike. If you try to explain that you want to retro fit 07 parts to an TC88 they will tell you it can't be done because the TC88 and TC96 have different part numbers. Ofcourse they do, but they will fit.
I did this conversion on my bike and if anyone needs any help let me know I also have the service manual for the 06 dyna cam section on pdf I can send to you and parts lists and price lists. Todd
You dont have to use Andrews cams with the conversion. I know a guy that can have precision ground any cam you want and then he installs a race on the cam. I went with a hq0034.I will try to post a pic once I have 5 posts


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