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    I know there is a thread to "show your tattoo,,, but what I want to know is what you do to care for it after you get it... every tattoo artists seems to have different care instructions...use this,,,don't use that ....for how long...what do you do in treating a new tattoo?
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    I treat my tattoos with a non-scented lotion or vaseline. Do not use polysporin you dont want to speed up the healing let it do its thing... And whatever you do make sure its covered if you work outside in the dust... Tat on the top of my hand and I do renovation work, not a great outcome.

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    Fresh tattoo is same as having abrasion, or burned skin so best after-care is to make sure skin heals back to normal w/no infection(s). Here's what works for mine:

    1. Leave initial wrap on for ~1-2 hrs
    2. Wash w/anti-bacterial soap & water (don't re-bandage)
    3. Pat dry & wait 15-min - then apply ointment (A&D)
    4. Rub ointment into area & rub in (like using hand lotion)
    5. Repeat #2-4 for 3-4 times/day for 1st week
    6. Switch to hand lotion vs. ointment after 7-days
    7. Don't pick off scabs, no tanning/swimming for 2-weeks

    Also, if necessary, you can cover tattoo in plastic wrap for 1st 2-3 days while sleeping to avoid sticking to sheets & oozing. Other than that - enjoy the new body art!
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    Reason I'm asking is I recently got three new tats...first artists said :
    1. leave wrapped for 2 hrs 2. wash two times w/ anti bacterial Dial gold bar.
    3. use only lubriderm lotion , white or blue cap only for 3 days, then thats it. this tat scabbed heavily, but looks ok.

    Second artists did two of my dogs portraits. He says 1. wash with anti bacterial soap 3-4 ties a day for around a week,,,apply Aquaphor after washing,, 2. then continue the Aquaphor for another week. he sold A&D but said the Aquaphor is good.

    Seems everyone I know that has a tattoo has been told differently about tattoo aftercare.
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    Every artist has his or her own way of dealing with this it seems, I leave wrapped over night, scrub with anti bacterial soap next day and lube with A & D lotion It has done good by me :s
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    Just had a leg piece finished. Depending on the size of the piece and the amount of color. Aquaphor for 4-7 days after first getting it done then switch to a non-scented lotion. Use the Aquaphor very sparingly. Very little scabbing ever after any of my tattoos. Getting ready to start on finishing my back piece. I will be covering some poor work from 25 years ago looking forward to it.