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Tank Riser


Just wondering if anyone has put a tank riser on their Dyna. If so was is a 2" or 3" and do you have any pics. I'm thinking about doing it to my 03 FXD and want to see how it looks.

I done the 2" Tanklift mod.its makes the bike look more raked out,plus it an easy mod to do.
Will put photo up when im allowed by administrator
Here.s a photo from the side shot of Tank Lift.
It hard to see the differents untill you see two bikes together,one with the lift the other without.
The benefits are,Easy to clean the heads,better air flow round engine,plus you get a good deflections of wind from your face.its also give you a feel of sitting in the bike other than on top,plus it def looks better.
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Thanks Wolfy, I am now know I want to do it. Hopefully in the new few weeks. I'll post a pic when she's done.