Taller windsheid = more engine noise?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by JKT1969, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. JKT1969

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    I changed out the shorty windshield that comes stock on the SG and put on my cold weather shield...it's a 6" with a curve at the top to deflect air over you...took it out for a ride and I noticed more pingy noise, and just general overall more noise coming from the motor. I feel the bike already runs lean as it is (happy my fuel pak is on the way), but this time it seemed much louder.

    Probability this is from the windsheild height difference?
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Perhaps, but it could be a lot of other stuff too.

    Are you wearing the same helmet? Earplugs? Big temperature difference from last ride? All fluid levels good? Loose fastener somewhere? Windshield torqued to specs?
  3. Hoople

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    Oh yes, the late model 96 & 103's will ping for a cycle or two before the Ion sensor kicks the timing back. If you ever turned off the Ion Sensor knock retard firmware, you would think the engine was going to explode. The spark advance curves are way over the top with these engine. Several cells contain advance numbers over 40 degrees. They rely on the Ion sensor knock retard to save the engine.

    So making it quiet will reveal that terrible sound.:)
  4. Jonas

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    I would guess it has to do with the windsheild. RoadKing with the sheild on and off is a huge difference. I use to ride alot with it off, when I put it on I heard all kinds of noise. I lost the rubber off my kick stand, with the sheild on I though my engine was coming apart. Everything sounds like it coming from the engine.
  5. Subby

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    My bet is it's the windshield. The quieter you make the cockpit as far as wind noise is concerned, the more engine noise you'll hear. When you get your fuel pack installed you'll be very happy as most of the pinging will disappear...ay least it did on my Ultra. Try adding a better than stock air cleaner to the mix and you'll really notice a difference.
  6. JKT1969

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    Cool...pretty pumped about the new stuff on the way. In addition to the fuel pak I also have the Ness double sucker that will be going on with it.
  7. SoonerSoftail

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    Re: Taller windshield = more engine noise?

    I rode the first 6000 miles or so I had my Heritage with no windshield. Then early this summer I put it on. I thought the top end of the motor was about to come apart. Took the windshield off and all sounded fine again. I put it back on, left it, and have gotten used to what the motor sounds like. I would imagine a taller shield would make wind noise quiet enough to have a similar effect.
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    Re: Taller windshield = more engine noise?

    I thought this was probably the deal...at first I was thinking, what the ( EDIT ). Then remembered I put on the larger shield.
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  9. dbmg

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    The taller windshield reduces the amount of air blowing past the bike and moving all noises rearward. This is especially true if O.E. exhaust is still on.