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Talk about stupid drivers!


This news tidbit killed me when I opened my email this a.m. How the heck some of these people function is amazing!These kids need some serious training. Hope I am not stepping on any toes

CITY HEIGHTS – A 19-year-old man trying to retrieve a baseball cap suffered a serious skull fracture when he stepped out of a car while it was moving.

The driver, an 18-year-old man without a license, was heading southbound along Landis Street near City Heights Community Park shortly after 1 p.m.

Police said the passenger stuck his head out the window and his cap blew off. He then got out of the car while it was going about 15 mph and fell to the pavement.

His condition was not available
His condition is STUPID. When will people wake up and take some responsibility for acting appropriately. riving without a liscence, exiting a moving vehicle, what is someone else was hurt because of their selfish and childish behavior??
OMG, why in the world would someone do this? How stupid is he going to feel when he is healed and everyone makes fun of him for jumping out of a moving vehicle. LOL
Can anyone tell me how it is that my big orange Harley is parked in my parking space and people manage to back-up into her and knock her to the ground!?!? I park my bike in a space with only one spot next to it that is usually occupied by one of my employees. This genius backs across the lot and half way into my spot and proceeds to leave after she hits the pavement. I can tell you my hip replacement took well because I was out the door, across the street and at this deva in her Mercedes window in 15 seconds. "I didn't see it", she tells me. This happens while I am in my store opening the box with my new saddlebags in it. Hours earlier I'm out front having a smoke and this drunken fool thinks he is going to have a seat on my baby. That guy will never do that again after the "Talking/Yelling to" I gave him. Is it me or are people going crazy? This lady tells me that I sure seem to like the motorcycle. Lord help me! just hit a machine that has broken parts on it now that aren't even available yet. My Nightster will now have to wait till the parts are available and I sure hope her Mercedes dealer husband can explain what she has done to her, I wasn't in the mood. I put her back together, cleaned her up and in the process of giving her the good news regarding how much she needs to fork over to replace the parts etc. I have riden for years and never hit anyone or vice a versa while on my bike. Correct me if my wrong but it seems that they must be giving out drivers licenses in "cracker jack" boxes now days.

Sorry...just needed to vent!:12:

Man that is a dissaster!!!

If I remember rightly your machine is quite new. Im sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope you can get her back to new asap.

I would be gutted if some goose knocked my king over.