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    I have a 97 FLSTC and it seems when I want to go for a ride it takes a long time for the bike to warm up. I have to start it with the choke all the way open and even after 10 to 15 minutes if I try to close it the bike will die. If I leave it about a quarter open and start riding then I can close it after a mile or two and it will keep running but it won't seem to warm itself up while just idling. Is this normal to take this long?
  2. Bud White

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    no its not normal.. try cleaning carb with some seafoam .. also check for intake leaks

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    Adamal47, as Bud says, if the bike was okay long ago and this is a phenom has cropped up within the last couple year or so, likely cure is just that simple.

    You did not say if or when it was running "right" before....have you done some mods recently related to Stage I type mods?

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    answers NEEDED

    .... I had a 97 and it was SO LEAN on my first ride to break it in ... OCT 96, down by the COOL pacific ocean edge here in WA. getting 55 miles per gal.

    THE BIKE WOULD HICK-UP AND HARDLY RUN .... enricher out part way most of time.... now mind you BRAN NEW BIKE.... PROBLEM FROM THE START.... I rode it that way taking it easy UNTIL i got back home to my shop where I JETTED it up quite a lot...??? don't remember if .005 or .010 thousands on the main jet... and also idle jet bigger.
    THAT being said, that bike ran COLD (lean on main jet) and sounded just like your problem...
    when the weather(day) WARMS usual TOO lean conditions IMPROVED ...

    I'll wait for your answer that is asked by BUD/ NEWHD74FAN as they are HITTING nail on the head, and MORE information is needed......
    IF, running good before = a fuel problem(dirty build-up) or air leaks at intake are some of the problems...

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    97 had the old EVO engine, which its normal to warm up slowly. They run cool, and it takes a while for the heads to heat up and the heat to actually get to the carb. It takes a while for mine to warm up as well. I don't choke it that long though, instead i'll choke it (enricher) for the first 2-3 mins until the idle changes a little. Then let it warm up another 4-5 mins with the throttle lock on before i take off. The old EVO engine really needs to warm up before you take off, or you will start blowing seals and leaking oil.

    Now i'm not saying the carb isn't dirty. However i don't think seafoam is the best answer for this. Usually its just time to take it apart and clean it out good. If its pretty clean you might consider upping the pilot jet to a 45. (assuming you have a keihn CV carb). Generally a jetted carb on that engine will run a 45 pilot, and a 180 or 185 main, with the air mixture screw 2 and 1/2 turns out. However, that isn't a fix all jetting. There are a lot of variables that will affect what jets you should be running. Elevation, and exhaust will affect how your bike runs and how it should be jetted. Also, i'm assuming your bike is fairly stock, no cam etc.