tailgunner exhaust????

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    I have a 2009 Road King Classic and am finally doing it justice by doing a stage 1 and getting some aftermarket exhaust. I've been looking at the tailgunner gunships, the spinning gatling gun, exhaust and was wondering what everyone has heard or knows from experience about them good or bad. Also I know from other post on here I might be opening pandoras box but for the filter what is better the screaming eagle or the k&n or is there another i dont know about? and Im leaning toward the power commander v only becouse my brother has one on his 05 softail deluxe with python exhaust and I was impressed after rideing it. Thanx for all the help
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    I saw this exhaust in action during Bike Week. It's not for me, but sounds nice, but not very deep. I thought the end of the exhaust stuck out alot, but hard to tell if it was more than my 4" V&H Blackout Rounds or Monster Ovals.

    I think this exhaust is for a select crowd and since they came out, only saw 2 bikes with them.

    Check out YouTube and there are some Tailgunner videos out there...

    Ride safe and have fun.
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    after researching it out a little more and the novelty of haveing rotating exhaust that alot of other people wouldnt have wore off i changed my mind and ended up buying some rush 3.5 slip ons instead. thanx for the input tho.
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    Smart move, I saw those tail gunners on a bike and they looked a bit silly IMO.