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Tailgate loading issues?


This summer I will travel from TX to CA and will be loading my FLSTC in the back of my F250. When I test-loaded it, the rear wheel sits on the tailgate and I was wondering if anyone knows if this will be a problem.
The FLSTC weighs around 750 lbs so at most, its about a 400 lb load on the tailgate. I went through my truck owners manual and couldn't find anything on max weights.
Rican -
great response. That link explains why I couldn't find ANYTHING in the 8 different user manuals / supplements.

If I don't buy a Toy Box Hauler, i'll load the bike in the back.

That's a great article, I'll add it to the self help forum for future questions on this topic.

Hi Mark
If I read your post corectly you will not only use the tailgate to load but also to carry the rear wheel whilst driving. If so you will have to take into account the extra weight the tailgate will have to endure when going through dips and humps in the road surface. This can easily be double the weight when dealing with a bad road or track.
I for one would not dare to risk it.
Only way I would think it to get by would be to add a 3/4" plywood sheet to the bed overhanging the tail gate of the pickup and then replace the cables with some chain IF YOU HAD TO USE THIS METHOD TO HAUL THE BIKE.
i carried my electra glide in the back of my dodge 1/2 ton short box over the coastal mountains this winter.i was a bit nervous with the rear wheel sitting on the tailgate but had no problems.
I would definitely use a piece of plywood (the length of the bed + tailgate) underneath to spread the load out
i just hauled my 94fxdwg from the middle of kansas to virginia in november. it was in the bed of my 84 ford f150 back tire was on the tailgate due to my toolbox in front of bed and i didnt have a problem.:bigsmiley30:
Friend of mine who uses a F150 to haul his bike around uses an aluminum ramp sitting in the bed which overhangs the tailgate by about a foot. I sure wouldn't feel safe with the rear wheel sitting on the tailgate.