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    I have seen the "Bright ass light" in nearly every Harley shop I have been in. I really want something like this on my new 2011 Classic. I also want the turn signals to come on with the brake lights. Harley has a module that makes that happen but the "B. A. L." distributor can't seem to tell me if they are compatable. I also see that Harley has both tail and turn lights that are led. Has anyone seen them? Are they as bright as the "B. A. L."? Anyone have any experinece in this area?
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    I am using the HD turn signal module along with the model BAL-2 on my 2009 Dyna. Was plug & play with no problems or regrets. The combo was expensive but is intense to say the least. I left my turn signals the factory yellow because I feel they can be seen better.

    I have my settings on the Bal-2 set for max & have never had a problem with the law but I also don't rub it in their face. The Harley dealerships carry the model Bal-1 which is really plenty of punch. I can not imagine any other brand being better made or brighter than the 2 BAL series models.
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    I have the HD LED tailight, the run-brake-turn module, and the Phantom lights in the axle covers. Everyone who has seen them say that they really light up the rear.
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    I have ridden behind lots of the LED's and here in Fla., in the bright sunlight the LED's are very hard to see IMO. I feel that they are not suited for daytime riding and grabbing the attention of the cagers. The Bal is the way to go American made to boot.

    My .02

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    All I can say is you haven't seen mine , you need sunglasses in the daytime!