Tacho calibration

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Marks-Sportster, Aug 24, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I think this is a Sportster question, rather than an electrical issue.....

    Well I have bought a tacho and twin gauge bezel from Ebay, wired it all up and works just like it should - or I hope!!

    I have found most of my suburban riding is between 2000-3500 rpm. It seems everyone constantly says HD twins love revs and 3500rpm is cruising. It might be that I have always ridden Jap buzz bikes but 3500rpm seems to be close to my personal limit if I want to keep the engine for a good few years! It still has plenty of pull but with the baffles taken out of the pipes, it just sounds like the engine is really spinning!

    I thought maybe the tacho is not reading correctly although the workshop manual refers to a HD plug in analyser for tacho calibration - not something I have laying around in the garage.

    I was wondering if anyone can confirm that at 110km/h (or 68.35mph) it is almost exactly 3000rpm? (late '98 XL883 standard wheels/tyres/final drive belt)

    The idle seems precisely spot on 900rpm when warm, so that suggests at low revs the tacho is OK.

    Any help would be appreciated.:s