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Tach hookup on '04 & later Serial bus bikes


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Pick up a terminal (P/N 74196-04) from Dealer since it fits into the speedo Connector perfectly in the number 3 opening in the plug on the back of the speedometer or you can also use the #3 position in the plug at the ECM . There seems to be a problem with the speedo plug operating the tach on some bikes with improper operation.
The Red Pin needs to come out; and partial disassembly of the Connector will allow this.
The Service Manual will give info for various connectors.
There's an empty P&A Ignition Circuit in the Fuse block that's perfect for powering the tach.
Use wire terminal (P/N 72309-04) or(P/N 72527-01.) plug it into the bottom of fuse block, insert a 2a mini fuse, and once the black wire is terminated to ground everything should work perfectly.

You can also use the #3 open terminal on the ECM plug for the tach connection on 06 bikes, some have found that the speedo connection on the #3 position does not power the tach correctly.
I'm hooking an '04 Low Rider tach/speedo up to my '05 Superglide. Both are carb models and it looks like a straight plug and play. Anybody have any experience with this?