T-Max can't see the sensors anymore

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by lv2ride56, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I have been running T-Max for quite a while on my last two bikes. Recently I started getting P0131 and P0151 codes (O3 sensors low) so I decided to reload the last good map I had saved. In the process I also checked for a newer firmware package. All the while I was doing this I was reading 19.36 on both O2 sensors. This indicates the sensors are OK.
    After I downloaded the last known good map I started to initialize the module and got the error message telling me that the module could not "see" the sensors.
    I have checked all connections, fuses and cleaned the sensors. Have 12+ volsts at the data port. Still no seeing the sensors. I deleted the software and reloaded the T-Max software. Then I reloaded the firmware and downloaded my good map again. Still no seeing the sensors.
    Three e-mails to Zippers unanswered.
    Any ideas or suggestions??? I have found new sensors locally for $52 each but have a hard time thinking that both sensors suddenly went out.
    Have loved the T-Max til now.
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    Have you checked your AFR's to see if you are running rich?It's possible if you've developed an intake leak and the T/max is tossing in extra fuel to go with the extra air.The book says very rich mixtures can soot up the sensors and make them faulty.(But i'd bet they would still read the same as normally calibrated;especially if the motor isn't running)

    Do you have a Screamin' Eagle throttle body?Apparently some of these can crack and then leak,creating richer mixtures etc etc..

    How are your base settings?All within parameters?And the obvious one;are the O2 sensors enabled in the Auto Tune mode?Sounds like they are,but it wouldnt hurt to make sure.Especially as your reading of 19.36 is spot on.

    I know you've reloaded everything,but i'd go back to step 1,double check every setting again,make sure Auto Tune closed loop and O2 sensors is checked and try again.And check your wiring again;especially the main plug to ECM.Dry it well,clean it and put a LITTLE Dielectric grease on it.

    Good luck
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    Had the identical problem after I did the BB 103" kit. Apparently the assembly fluid did the both o2's in. Through the same codes but showed 19.36 on the monitor gauges, front and rear.
    The idle surging increased and the plugs got blacker along with poor performance and low fuel mileage. Replaced the sensors reloaded map, initialized and ran auto IAC, now back to running perfect. 38 t0 44 mpg depending on trip and traffic.

    Yes, do the dielectric grease.


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    I had some of the wires at the pin connectors come loose (fall out of the harness) on me when I was running the 02 wires to the T max ecm. Check and make sure that hasn’t happened to you. Had to take apart and repair conections. Good Luck.