synthetic oil in evo

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by steel horse rider, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. should i use synthetic oil in my 1992 evo
  2. HDDon

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    How many miles on the bike? How often do you change oil?
  3. dbmg

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    You have to roll the dice. If bike has been operating with no problems with dino then why risk oil leaks using syn. What are you trying to gain with syn????
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    Your question has been debated on oil threads many times and it all comes down to personal preference and what works for you. I run synthetic oil in all my vehicles and have never had a issue. My advice would do as much research as you can and decide for yourself. From what I've read and experienced in my scoot is the top end (valve train ) makes a little more noise but as others have reported that's a common symptom due to synthetic oil being more slippery then dino oils. In my opinion the pro's out weigh the con's but it's your scoot you decide.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    It is your ride you decide That said Evo engines do tend to run better with dino oil IMO
  6. Harttoo

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    I have found that every motor that I have works better with synthetic oil.My lawn mower starts on the first pull.My car starts easier in cold weather.My Limited had lifter noise with Syn3 and no noise with Mobil Vtwin.
  7. Jeff Klarich

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    Oil leaks, why would that happen by changing to synthetic oil? spilling oil while changing it doesn't constitute an oil leak. :newsmile100:
  8. TQuentin1

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    Generic fluid recommendations

    Engine: FULL synthetic 20W50 VTwin engine oil
    Tranny: FULL synthetic 75W140 GL-5 gear lube
    Primary: Fit-for-purpose chaincase/wet clutch lubricant (like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary, Redline Primary, etc.)


  9. dbmg

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    When syn first came out and installed in older cars I guess do to the slipperiness and getting pass gaskets, engines started having oil leaks. If oil was changed back to dino leaks would lessen. I just figured the same held true for bikes............:D
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    Tolerances weren't as critical in older cars as they are in new ones. I can see if you have a weak or leaking gasket to start with synthetic lubricants may have the potential to seep but I've never seen any data to support that. I've used Synthetic oils for years and never experienced any issues so I see no need to change.