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    Recently read about Syn 3 Lubricant being used for all three oils in Harley motorcycles. I have a 2001 Softail. Any advice or pros and con for using this oil in the primary, transmission or engine. Also, any problems with putting this in place of the conventional oils used in the past. Thanks
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    Personally would not use SYN3, it is cheap oil, go with a good synthetic like Amsoil, Royal Purple, or something like that, i would run regular oil in the primary not synthetic, I don't cause I don't want it to make the clutch slip. JMO. Engine and tranny definately run it. Good luck.
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    Just turned 20005 miles on my 2007. Changed all 3 holes this week. I have run Syn3 in all three holes since new. However I'm thinking about changing to Mobile 1 20/50 next change. My vehicles are all with Mobile 1. Check your owners manual as some older bikes take a different grade in the primary or transmission.
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    You will get alot of information on this question. Most will tell you pure synthetic (except for the primary) is the way to go. LISTEN TO THEM! :worthy

    I switched after alot of reading and questions here on this forum, and what a differance, especially in the transmission.

    I use;
    Amsoil 20 / 50 V twin in the engine
    Redline with shockproof in the transmission
    HD formula + in the primary
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    Here is the bad thing about HD brand oil, each year companies bid on the contract for who is going to make it, therefor the cheapest bidder gets it, so it could change year to year, and I am not comfortable with that. I run Amsoil in my bike, and that is what I want, I don't want to run this companies oil this year and maybe another companies oil next year. I am not saying you will have any problems, but I am personally not risking it, I want a quality oil in my scooter, besides, I have a built motor and I am not going to compromise.
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    Here's a few things to read...

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

    Oil Groups Explained - Harley Davidson Community

    Syn 3 In The Transmission - Harley Davidson Community

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    Just thinking logically...if you have 3 holes for three different functions, does it make sense to put one thin high temperature lubricant in all three? Engines have combustion byproduct contamination and great temperature swings. Tranny is essentially constant meshing gear under high pressures, particulate matter floating around from gears and clutch with serious foaming potential. Chaincase lubricates by sticky oil in the crevices of a rapidly chattering chain, not slinging around lubricating the walls...

    Really makes the most sense to use what most riders have found out...using specialized lubricant for the purpose in each hole. Will your bike self destruct if you use HD Semi-Syn 20W-50? Probaby not if you change it regularly and due dilligence but in the long term with todays high temperatures and stresses on a dated design which tasks the mechanical and metallegic limits?...why push it if you want your ride to last.
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    The first thing I do when I buy a bike is drain the HD oil out and run a top grade synthetic oil, not any HD oil products. Harley builds great motorcycles, but the don't make good oils. Just my opinion ringing in. Follow the links that Glider posted, you'll learn a lot....
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    I have an 01 Night Train (88B) and I have used Mobile 1 since the first oil change. I use it everywhere execpt the primary. I was afraid that it was too slick and the clutch would slip. I live in LA (Lower Alabama) and as soon as I switched to Mobile 1 the bike ran cooler. You will certainly notice a difference when you first put it in the bike.

    I hope this helps.