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    As most of you know the dyna switchback has a noticeable vibration around 2800 rpm's.. There is a harley bulletin out about it . Here is a link to that bulletin .. M1324 Dyna model vibration.pdf - File Shared from Box . However the reviews have been minimal improvement .. After a lot of searching the internet and research , the problems seems to be in the exhaust setup .. Aftermarket exhaust seems to get rid of the vibrations . However at $500 to 1400 bucks , It is not an option for everyone .. Should this be a warranty issue .. YES . If you complain enough and take a copy of the service bulletin , you can get your dealership to address it but as I said the results were minimal in my research.

    But don't give up yet . Here is what I have done and the results were great. Virtually eliminated the vibration .

    First a little background on the bike setup
    I have the factory headers with the cat "drilled" , not removed yet . I have a vance and hines twin slash slip-on that I upgraded to at purchase . Just as a note , the vibration was still there with the slip on

    I am also running a gen 3 but that didn't help the vibration issue either ., But i do recommend it as an upgrade .

    The fix

    The problem is in the factory mount setup . Some of the aftermarket exhaust are
    replacing one of the mounts too.
    Before you do all that try this ..

    loosen the bolt on the slip on muffler and right behind the slip on is a mount bolt 1/2" socket will fit it remove this bolt . you will notice it is a slotted hole. then loosen the nut at the back of the exhaust almost all the way off. . Pull the slip on muffler back until the slot in the center mounting bolt is centered . now tightened the slip on muffler clamp .. Put some blue locktite on the center mount bolt and screw it in about halfway .. Do NOT tighten .. put some blue locktite on the rear mount stud and start the nut .. again this is 1/2" wrench Start the bike and tighten the rear mount bolt up snug turn off bike . Go to the center mount and tighten it down until it touches and back off one half of a turn . Let the locktite cure and you are ready to go ..

    The above procedure made a world of difference on my bike .. Hope it does on yours too

    Just as a note , I did not do anything that the service bulletin said to do because it was not fixing the issue .

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    Thanks for the info on minimizing vibration.I have a 2013 Model that had very bad vibration. The Dealer did the Service Bulletin M-1324 to no avail. Reading your comments and others on different sites. I Tapped mounting bolt on support bracket all the way through then installed a 2" bolt with rubber washers in between and put a lock nut on the back,leaving the mounting bolt loose enough to float.This took car of the heavy vibes but caused minor buzz at lower RPM's.
    Have to try a freer flowing exhaust next.
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    Thanks to you and others I cured the Vibration on my 2013 Switchback by Tapping the Rubber mount under Flange all the way through. Got a longer bolt and opened up mounting hole on Muffler Flange. Put rubber washers in between mounting points and put a locknut on back of longer bolt so muffler could float on mounting bolt.
    No more Vibration. Put 8,500 miles on this year. Very Happy with this Motorcycle.
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    Hi Mark, I was fighting with my HD Dealer nearly 1 year. They made all procedures, mentioned in the bulletin M1324. It was much better, but still I had the bad vibrations between 2800-3200 rpm. Now I carried out the procedure at the muffler. The result was perfect. Now I have a bike without any bad vibrations. Thank you very much and nice weekend to you. Joachim from good old Germany