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  1. JohnRKC06

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    Just started noticing some fine Swirls & Scratches on Tank & Fenders.Would I be looking for trouble if I used this product from HD over hand painted pinstripeing with no clear coat to protect the stripeing? I realise you could remove just about anything if you rub hard enough, but I mean just normal use of this product. Thank ya,s in advance.

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    I would find out what ingredients are in the product you want to use then discuss it with the pin-striper. My fear would be that the pinstripe would start to loose its depth due to the product starting to disolve pinstripe. Error on the side of caution. You don't want to damage those cool flames.
  3. Iceman24

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    Scratch/swirl products are fine abrasives...also recommend discussing w/pinstriper. These products are mainly for removing small marks in clearcoat so my thought would be don't use them...
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    Type "paint scratches" in the help box. Lots of good info there. It helped me out on my black FLST. Love the black but it sure shows the imperfections well, especially in the sun.
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    John; From the shine and reflections in your paint, I would imagine that YOU are the only one that would notice the swirls in the paint. I think you have more to lose than to gain by using anything on the non clear coated paint.
    That's some nice striping.

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    The key here...are the pin stripes "clear coated"...if not, best not to use anything abrasive and no "aggressive" rubbing over them. Swirl marks may not only be cause by the product you use, but the cleaning/polishing cloth, or dirt within. So, do rotate it often and use ONLY soft laundered white t-shirt type "rags", terry towels or newer microfibre ones usually picked up from garage sales... :s
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    I buy microfiber towels in bulk, Use in three stages, always use clean one last. Seems to work well.

    Another trick I use is never let Mothers chrome polish dry completely. I usually put on and wipe back off within 2 -5 minutes.

    Does any one know if 'Black Box' can be applied to the HD Anniversay Striping without issue. It is tough to try to apply the wax ONLY to the black paint. Thanks
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    I would have to say NO being the stripe is a vinyl tape stripe.Probably wouldn't do much but you can try.