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Swapping And Aligning Dual Discs


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Hello Mr. Data i have a 07 RKC that when i get on the front brakes a Little harder than normal they squeal and lose braking is this do to bad disc's that vibrate or bad pads? and by swapping them is this the fix changing the disc's and pads?
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This swap pertains mostly to older bikes. If you look on the rotors, they are marked right and left near the center of the disc.

Only thing is the factory started changing them before shipment in about 05 or so in that the right rotor is on the left side and visa versa. This is the way they are on new bikes now to eliminate noise.

As far as your problem, usually the pads have to seat in before maximum braking is achieved. It takes some miles to do this but usually by 1000 or less miles, they are as good as they get.
Thanks Mr. Data i have just under 8000 on it now and i always use the front brake but like i said in the first post if i hit em hard they make a strange sound more like a vibration than a squeaking sound:33: everything looks fine and tight i think ill take the pads off and see if they are glazed:22: i tried to break them in easy as i did the bike
If it's a vibration you feel, you could have a warped rotor, it should be checked for run out with a dial indicator and replaced if it is past limits. Usually if you can feel it, they are past limits. You will get some noise out of these bikes because of the vent holes drilled into the rotors that remove the gassing from the hot pads.