Swaping to Heritage handle bars

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    Hey guys

    I need advice I rode a 09 RCK yesterday from the dealer about 150 miles to my home and was not happy about the reach to the handlebars (Stiff neck) by the time I got home. Here is my question On this site there are several posts regarding HD part # 56902-08 Heritage Softail handlebars that are a direct replacement for the Road King. The dealer says that Labor would be $142.00 plus $105.00 for a Twist Grip Sensor that is reccomanded when changing all handlebars. I think that this can be done wihtout replacing the Twist Grip Sensor. Should I attempt to due this on my own?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Merry Christmas

    Ride safe
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  2. wagsrk08

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    BuffaloBill: I installed Heritage Style handlebars part# 56902-08 on my 2008 FLHR this last spring. Wow, what a difference! I wished this would of been the first mod then any other to date. No more back or neck pains. I'm no hot rod mechanic, but I have the proper tools and an owners manual and I had no problems what so ever. You will be fine if you feel comfortable wrenching on your own bike.

    I'm kind of confused when you mentioned twist grip sensor? I have Throttle By Wire (TBW) and did not need any other parts other than the handlebars themselves. Unplug, run through new bars and re-plug in. Pretty simple and mine dropped right in. I didn't require any sensors that need added (followed the service manual instructions like gospel)? Note I also have ABS brakes. Maybe someone here can peer check us since your RKC is a 2009 and mine is a 2008.

    Good luck and I bet you'll be happy with your new bars once they are installed.
  3. Bodeen

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    I changed them on my 03 RK. No TBW or sensors on mine. Mine was a very easy and welcomed change. I scored my bars from a wall in a guys garage that said I could have them:D.
    Get a manual and some coffee and take your time. You can do it.

  4. Skyrunner

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    I installed the Heritage bars on my 05 RK. Easy replacement. No wire or cable extensions.
  5. Bud White

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    have at ti couple hours no need to but a new twist grip sensor .. hardest thing is feeding the wire though the bars for the twist grip if you break um then you need a new one .. you wont have to add wire extensions or cables anywhere else to go with the heritage bars.
  6. larryjmiller

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    Very easy fix. Get the manual and take your time. I bought a new left grip and glued it on the bar the night before I installed the heritage bars. Be very cateful with the fly by wire as the wires are thin and a buddy of mine pinched them on his install. No problem when he discovered and re routed wires.

    Good luck, you can do it!
  7. Mobile Rapier

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    I don't Need No Stinkin Manual!!!

    I changed mine out about four month ago, Didn't have any problems doing the job. I am a retired Coast guard Chief Engineer so I do have a little mechanical ability.

    I wrote up these instructions, maybe they'll give you an idea of whats involved.

    First, before you do anything. Put a heavy towels over the gas tank and front fender to protect them if you drop something.

    Remove you quick release windshield and put it someplace safe and out of the way.

    Next remove the headlight front trim. Take the screw out of the bottom. Pull the bottom out and lift up.

    Next, remove the head light several screws around outside. Do not touch the adjuster screws. You can let the headlight hang by it's wires.

    Next, remove the spear on top of the light, remove the nut from the inside front and lift off the spear. it just hooks into the handle bar cover.

    Next, remove the handlebar center cover. Pry up the cover over the fork lock and remove the screws underneath. now remove the screw and nut on the front. A little hard to reach, don't loose the nut.

    Remove the cover.

    Now remove the throttle side headlight shell, remove the two nut that hold the windshield quick release washers and slide the shell off.

    Unplug wires going to handle bars. Only the ones that go into the hole in the center of the handlebars.

    Next, remove the clutch and front brake lever assembles and let them hang.

    Next, split the switch control housing and pull the wire keepers out of the handle bars and let the hang.

    Slide the throttle grip off.

    At this point the only thing that should be left on the handle bars is is the clutch side grip and the throttle by wire rheostat assembly.

    Time to remove the the handle bars. Remove the 4 Allen bolts on the handle bar clamp. Don't let the handle bars swing down and hit the tank.

    The handle bars are now off. take a break.

    The next step is best done on a work bench. Set the handle bars on the work surface. Pull the TBW out of the handle bar. Now feed the harness for TBW into the center of the handle while pulling the TBW rheostat out till the connector inside the handlebar comes well out of the grip end.

    Now be careful and and unplug the rheostat assy from the harness. i used a jewels screw diver to lift the tab that locks the harness.

    Once the harness is unplugged pull the harness out of the handle bar.

    Dis-assemble done.

    Re-assembly put the TBW harness in the new handlebar, plug the TBS back together a and slide the TBW back into the handle bar and align to the notch.

    Now boil some water, that right boil some water. Pot deep enough to submerge the grip on the old handle bar. Put the grip in the water and let it set for a couple of min. grab the grip with a towel (it's Hot) and twist. Repeat till the grip comes off.

    Reassemble in reverse order.

    If you have any questions or need some help pm or e-mail me.
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    be careful when you switch to heritage bars i did and because my arms are short the wrist angle made it worse than the stock bars i had to then reswitch to easy reach bars it wound up costing me twice try to test ride someone else's heritage bars at least sit on a bike that has them but you really should test ride to make sure they are comfortable
  9. Jazz King

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    Thanks for your instructional post. I used them to replace my handlebars and it made the job easier than using the service manual...AND I saved labor charges !
  10. Dvice

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    I also want to swap out my 09 road king classic bars, Im guessing I use 56902-08 FLHR-Heritage bars, do I also need the twist grip sensor kit, Screw Shear Head, and wire harness kit like the dealership said I would have to have????