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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BACADawg, Sep 2, 2010.

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    I have an '03 Road King. I've noticed a not so smooth ride lately and riding the other day, it was hitting so hard on the road it knocked the faceplate off my stereo. The front forks sit lower than normal, so am guessing the previous owner had put a lowering kit on it? Now I notice the rear shock is leaking. I want to get new shocks for the rear, but I'm thinking I need to do something with the front. My question is, I've been told to just find a new front end, but would I be able to just rebuild the current forks, i.e. new springs, etc., and if so, would I be able to use the same tubes to go back stock if they had the front end lowered? Appreciate any help with this!
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    Yes, you can rebuild / Service your front and go back to stock springs without any problems.

    I would be pretty concerned about that leaking rear shock though. Replace this as soon as you have a chance to. Progressive suspension makes great products, you might want to check them out.

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    That would probably be your most economic alternative. Just rebuild the front end replacing all the wear items (orings, seals, bushings). Not a big deal assuming you have the Factory Service Manual covering your model and year!! Rears are just a swap out.

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    The previous posts have you covered. You can rebuilt the front end, and I would probably go with Progressive stock length springs. Measure your rear shocks, eye to eye, and look for Progressive or Works Performance shocks that are stock length. Your local dealer or someone here on the forum can tell you what the length should be. Be sure to put in the proper amount of fork oil in the front end. You will be surprised at the ride quality once you go back to the original ride height.