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  1. Yooper70

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    I'm looking to get a set of bags for an '09 Superglide. Leaning toward the Harley detachable bags but they are a little pricey. Anyone have any suggestions for a good looking alternative a little more economical. Need to have a few bucks left over for gas.
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    Look for some used bags to save some $$. I bought a set of very nice HD bags for about 1/2 the new price. There are a couple of different aftermarket options to make most bags detachable.
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    I saw a set of "ACE" leather bags on my local Craigslist for $75 or make offer. These are the slant bags that look good on Dynas. I have had the same bags on my Dyna for 15 years. They are a good quality bag. PM me if interested, and I will send you the Craigslist info. I have no idea if he will ship.
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    I'm very pleased with these Harley synthetic leather saddlebags. They bolt on, fit as intended with no interference with other parts, are pretty much water resistant with snap and velcro closures, and hold an adequate amount at 2380 cubic inches. This photo came from a camping trip up in Colorado, and all my gear is on the bike.

    Part number is 90564-06c and were purchased from Zanotti's right after I bought my '07 Superglide. The are shown on page 155 of the HD accessory catalog. :newsmile047:

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