Superglide Handlebar Riser Question

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by FXDC_Stu, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. FXDC_Stu

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    I have an '07 FXDC with standard bars which I find a little too far away with the Mustang seat I have. I would like to keep the original bars but have them a bit closer to me and a bit taller.

    Has anybody with a similar bike fitted 4" or similar pull-backs to theirs?

    I am hoping that it's not necessary to change the throttle and clutch cables?

    Unfortunately, I will have to alter the brake line though as it is part hose / part metal pipe affair. Any suggestions for braided brake lines for Harleys?

  2. Slapp

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    I had the same bike (only an 08), I put a set of riser with a two inch lift and a one inch pull back. You will have to re-route the clutch cable in-order for it to have enough slack, you will also need to pull the slack out of the electric harness. Anything more than that (the rise and pullback) and you are looking at all new cables (clutch and fuel) a wireing harness extention kit and new brake line.
    If you decide to do what I mentioned above, make sure when you are done you start the bike in neutral and turn the bars left and right to ensure there is no binding of the cables that can prevent the clutch from disengaging and the throttle to give fuel to the motor.
    I hope this helps you out and what ever you decide just ensure it is done right.
  3. Sounder

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    I have an '07 FXDC and went through the same situation when I changed to the HD Sundowner seat. I put a set of 4.5" rise/1.5" pullback risers and it works awesome. There were no cable or brake lines that needed replaced, though I did have to gently bend the brake line radius where it bends when going into the master. I'd be glad to shoot you a couple photos, just let me know