Super Tuner or Not

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by USAPL09, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I know this subject as been talked several times... but i'm still looking for your thoughts. I have a 09 Heritage Classic... and went to the local dealer asking about getting a little more Harley sound out of my bike. He suggested adding a Rush 2" slip ons and a download... cost $555. But then went on to say one step up would be to do the Rush slip ons, air cleaner kit, super tuner, and dyno... cost $1200.

    What to do?:eam What would i see (feel) doing the second option?
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    Looks like you have owned since new. The way you are posting question $1200.00 seems alot and rightfully so. If you able to service your bike you can install mufflers. If you stick with 1.75" baffles you will get more sound and nothing else needed.
    Click on link http: Rush Mufflers - Motorcycle Mufflers - Slip On Mufflers - Motorcycle Exhaust Even without any mods to correct the leaness from factory a Dobeck TFi is recommended and quite easy to install
    Click on link: TFI Discounted (NEW OFFER) - Harley Davidson Community
    Then later on for more power add Screamin Eagle air filter and you can readjust TFI to compensate.
    Clink on link: Screamin' Eagle Stage I Air Cleaner Kit - Twin Cam Models | Genuine Motor Accessories | Harley-Davidson USA
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    I put Rush 1.75's on my 08 Heritage - its plenty loud (maybe a bit too loud). Also added the SE air filter and a Gen3. Very happy with the results. The programmable tuners will allow you to get the last bit of HP out of the engine but with no other mods, there isn't much more to get. I looked long and hard at the TTS but just couldn't justify the cost for what it could get out of a stock engine.

    BTW - ordered the slipon's and air cleaner from M&M Cycles - $417 for both - shipping and tax included.

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    MY THOUGHTS are: your wallet would be a lot lighter...

    Are you going to RACE your bike? IF for pleasure, I would get the exhaust of your choice and Air of your choice and do 200$$ for the Gen3.using the 50$ and free shipping given to members of HDT..

    geezer will have an excellent report soon Under DobeckTechSupport... On his wife's STOCK 09 softail.. Read it first and Maybe you will change your mind..

    The mods you mentioned here From HD are good BUT too many $$$$$ IMHO..