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Super Bowl Today!!!

R. Lewis

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It's 3:35 p.m. right now ---- super bowl starts (here) at 5 pm ---

N Y Giants will win by a field goal!
here is my vision of a super bowl
How about a nice cold Dos XX amber to go with that?:cheers
Hmmm funny you mentioned Dos XX. Last year for the super bowl, me and the wife went to Rivea Maya Mexico (El Dorado Royel) for 7 days and Superbowl Sunday just happened to be the second day we arrived. I think it was the best Super bowl party I have ever been too. It was held in the thier grand ball room and they had two TV's that were the biggest I have ever seen, the only downfall was it was commentated in Spanish. It was unbelievable how much food and booze thier was, too much to describe. I remember giving one of the servers like $20 bucks and said keep the Dos XX coming, the kid was great, my glass never went empty..I am definitely going away for the super bowl again this year..

Irish Hog :41: