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    I have a chance to get a Sundowner Deep for my E.G.Classic at a real good price. I've searched old threads and found some info on this seat. From what I have read, it will move me down and forward a little. I'd like to hear what FLH owners with the Sundowner Deep have to say about thier seats comfort. I already have the stock seat and a Streetglide seat, neither is my ideal.
    I have ridden Mustang, Corbin, etc. but I want to know only about the SUNDOWNER DEEP on touring models please. :D:D
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    I have the sundowner and I am not all that happy with it. I am looking in to getting a mustang seat.
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    I have a Sundowner on My Road King and it is a major improvement over the stock seat. On the stock seat I was good for no more than 30 min before things started hurting. The Sundowner I'm good for a couple of hours.

    I will probably get the seat reworked this year to taylor it to me but it's good for right now.
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    Just to add I bought the reach seat , put me in the right position for my ultra but not so comfortable , but i am comparing to the zepplin air seat , so off went the reach seat and i put 1 inch extra on my soles of my boots , unnoticeable to the eye had a good boot guy do it
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    Breeze, seats can be an awfully personal issue. I will share my thoughts with you. First of all, I believe it would be hard to beat the plush factor of the original ElectraGlide seat. I had a stock StreetGlide seat on mine and put over ten hours on it, in one day ( Sturgis to Spokane WA), with no complaints. However, I have since put the Sundowner on and it is far more comfortable than stock. Deeper seat gives a little back support, also. I also happen to be rather slender with long legs, so you're situation may not be the same as mine. But, I love my SunDowner, but not as much as my wife. I prefer the look of stock seat but, she makes me put Sundowner on if she's coming along. To each his own, right?
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    That's exactly the same for me. I love the look of the stock Street Glide seat, just doesn't work for the wife. The Sundowner is more comfortable for me as well for her. I can't compare it to the EG seat though, but I know when the wife sat on one, she said it was too wide in the front for her to be comfortable.
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    I've had the Sundowner on my Road King Classic since I I mean the Wife...bought it in 05. I'm only 5'6'', crotch low to the ground, and had the bike lowered front & back. The single Sundowner is perfect. I sometimes switch back to the stock 2-up and find it's also comfortable. Maybe it has something to do with the bike being lowered, but it fits. I've put 12-14 hour days in the saddle with the Sundowner and not had a problem. As was mentioned somewhere here earlier, the depth offers increased lower back support, which I desperately need as I have badly deteriorated lower discs. It's kinda weird though, since I bought my first Harley (94FXSTC new) I've had very little problem with my back when riding, even on loooong days. My Dr. suggested that it's probably the position of foreward controls and good fitting pull-back bars along with the lower back support on both bikes. So...what is good for me might not be good for you. All I can suggest is that you find someone with the same model bike and seat style you may be looking at and convince them to let you try it out for a short ride. Just remember though, the seat may be broken in for someone not quite matching your stature/riding position. Good luck and I hope the replies here help you out.
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    I rode out to Sturgis in 2005 on my brand new Roadglide with the stock seat. By the time I got to Rapid City my butt was on fire and my passenger was calling me all sorts of names. We were headed to Spearfish but stopped at the new Harley Dealer because I had to get rid of the stock seat.
    I went inside and inquired about a Sundowner seat, they told me that all of the seats were outside in the tent. I headed outside and when I got inside the tent I asked the sales person if he had any Sundowner seats for a Roadglide and he told me that he had one but a guy was looking at it as we spoke.
    So I walked over to the table where he was standing with his wife, he was trying to convince her that he needed the $300 seat, she wasn't buying it. I just sort of hovered around them waiting for him to set the seat down and walk away. Finally I saw her look at him in that way wives look at husbands who push them an inch too far, I knew it was about to happen.
    The guy put the seat down on the table and turned away, he was pissed. But he was about to be more pissed because I now had that seat in my hands, my credit card in my teeth and I was headed for the cashier.
    I asked the sales guy for screw driver and a knife, I cut the hand strap and took that old seat off and threw it on the ground. I had the new seat on the bike in 2 minutes. I told the guy to throw that stock piece of s$#@ away, I had no need for it. He talked me into Ups'ing it back to my address in Ohio, it cost me $18.
    Off we rode, I have had 4 Roadglides since then and I have had Sundowner's on every one except my '09 SE Roadglide but I only had that bike for 10 months and I traded it for a stock '09 RG because I hated it.
    I just sold my 09 RG and bought an 08 RG because I like the ride on the '08's and earlier bikes. At this particular moment I have two Sundowner seats because I kept the one off my '09 to put on my '08 but when I picked my '08 up in Florida to my surprise it already had a Sundowner on it.
    For the money, it's the most comfortable seat Harley makes, for the money. I ride long distances, I just rode 1000 miles last week from Tampa to Dayton, Oh, I rode 700 miles the first day, no problems. In Sept. '09 I rode 1050 miles in one day from Portland, Me to Dayton on a Sundowner and it was great. So, as you can tell, I'm sold on Sundowners.
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    As many differing opinions as posters

    IMHO the Sundowner Deep I installed on my '09 RK is as good as it gets. I haven't had a Mustang that wasn't as hard as a rock. But again I must stress that this is just my opinion. I'm now awaiting a C&C solo and psngr so it's be interesting to see the difference. Some dealers will have a lot of different saddles in stock for you to try on, others don't. Really, just listening to us is just going to confuse the hell out of you. Go try them on first and then decide.
    Good luck to you and remember craigslist is our unwanted toy land.:hii
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    I have an 08 Road King and a short inseam. I tried the reach seat and although it brought my feet to the ground, it was uncomfortable for anything an hour or more. -Just got the sundowner classic last week and it's great. Rode for two hours yesterday and it was like sittin' in my livin' room!
    08 Road King Police, rear lowered 2", front lowered 1", sundowner seat
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