Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat for my Deuce

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Bucket, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Bucket

    Bucket Member

    I have been looking for a more comfy seat for my 2007 Deuce,the Wife gets a bit numb after 100 miles or so, so I would like to change the seat, I like the look of the HD Sundowner deep bucket 51112-00b,
    Has anyone fitted one, did it look nice ?, was it comfy ?
    also I am stunted in the leg department so did it raise the ride height, I find the standard seat just right height wise, I am also worried about the width, if it spreads the legs too much when stationary, also does anyone know a good saddle bag quick release system that looks nice on the Deuce, easy offs leave a big lump behind, thanks Bucket.
  2. potato

    potato Member

    I use the sundowner on my fatboy when i take my wife along.
    She and i find it very comfortable for extended rides however it does increase seat height a little bit but my short legs still manage ok. Iam five feet five inches. It looks good and is a quick change out.
  3. Joyflyin

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    I like the sundowner on the deuce, but I don't know about passenger comfort...IMO I haven't seen a saddlebag configuration that I like yet for the deuce. I'm going with a bag to carry on the luggage rack that attaches to the sissy bar Kuryakyn or Saddleman at this point, and I will be putting the bag on to rest on the seat so I can use it for a back rest. (I don't carry a passenger though). Good luck to you & let us know what you decide to go with.
  4. Bucket

    Bucket Member

    Thanks for the replies Potato & Joyflyin, I like the look of the Sundowner I was just worried about seat height, im only 5 feet 4, yes don't laugh !!
    if I get the seat on I will post a photo,

    Thanks, Bucket.
  5. twhoodoo

    twhoodoo Member

    Tried one on my 2001 Deuce. It pushed me forward to much. Didn't notice a lot of difference in height.
  6. Bucket

    Bucket Member

    Ok Twhoodoo,

    Thanks for that, pushing be forward a bit might be handy as I am a shorty, did it push you forward a lot or was it it still ok to ride ??
  7. Deuceman144

    Deuceman144 Member

    G'day team,

    I had the same problem with the girlfriend and her butt! Long trips ended up hurting my ears so much that I got a Sundowner.

    My ears have stopped hurting but I reckon it's raised me up and forward by at least an inch and altered the centre of gravity quite a bit.

    Still,,, not a bad compromise,,, she's happy and when I ride solo it only takes a minute to change back to the factory seat.

    Mind you,,, I do miss kissing it better!! :bigsmiley20:

  8. threesteps

    threesteps Junior Member

    I bought one for my Wide Glide. Like you, my wife complained about the stock seat. She really likes the sundowner. I prefer the original seat for myself. But, I think it is more that my butt is use to the original than anything else. I am very satisfied with the sundowner.