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Summer Time and Long road trips


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I hope Its ok to show a product I'm very happy with. When my wife and I decided to get a motorcycle...we had no clue to what we were doing. So we took are time. Talk with lots of folks...and we knew we were goin to do lots of riding. Of course we're both retired we wanted to see this great land of ours. After deciding on a Touring Model ..Road King...and the first long adventure was Lynchburg Tenn...After which we leaned we had no idea how to pack !..We had planned a trip to Washington D.C "Rolling Thunder" we knew it was time to find some alternative to our packin So we went looking for a nice ..but not overly big nor a overly priced trailer. ... watching the demo video convinced us. They are made in Monroe Ohio...Hope this may help someone out there.


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've thought about a trailer a few times (beer is very heavy) but I wasn't sure how it would affect handling.
Saw a custom tent trailer at the bike show, looked really good, kinda roomy. $4200 bucks though. Couple of buddies of mine said it voids warranty.
the 07 runs to hot with just myself on it i think it would melt down pulling a trailer:sd

Actual the single wheel trailer offers no surprises...follows the track of the rear wheel...Honestly you forget its has the tent option...i think ya can see it on the web sites video. Have had no heat problems..we've been to Montana/Wyoming...Four corners and Monument Valley, the summer heat...California...Texas...Colo...New Mexico..Az... etc..etc..and Washington D.C... This unit runs 2,100.00 dollars..and will hold up to 100 lbs...never had that much in it ...65 lbs is as much as we've ever had to put in it... for us we bought two soft suitcases...and one all purpose bag...fill em up, also able to carry more than the normal amount of tools...we also have saddle bag liners....this leaves our tour-pack available for quick access for cameras....purse...rain suits...and other items that you can get to quickly. Hope this answers a few questions...oh yeah...and if this isn't enough I even have a pack for luggage rack on my tour pack...just in
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