Suggested satnav wiring on FXDB?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by MelUK, Apr 7, 2010.

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    Hey guys

    This weekend I'm planning to wire up a Zumo 660 on my 09 Street Bob, but I can't really see the best place to route the wiring back to the battery. It's obviously dead easy to drop the wiring down the front of the tank, but there doesn't seem to be much under the tank to clip the wires to close to the tank itself, and I'm worried about the wires melting if they have any chance of touching the cylinder heads covers. There's the whole at the front of the tank where the speedo wiring goes in, but I don't know if this would come out below the tank or not?

    Anyone got any ideas??
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    You may need to unbolt the tank front and back to get at it, but there is a plastic cable holder that straddles the backbone. I routed the wiring for my TomTom Rider2 through this cable holder. I had to tie strap it at the front of the tank to other wiring as the cable tray does not extend to the front of the tank. The hole at the front of the tank that runs under the dash stays on top of the tank and will not work for you. You need to go along the backbone.
    Here is a photo of my Street Bob with tank removed. You can see the cable tray above the rear cylinder. It is the same on the left side.