Sugar Land to Austin to San Antonio (then home)

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    Brother flew in from Las Vegas (to visit Mom). Insisted on a road trip....for those who don't know he keeps a Kawasaki Concours parked in my garage for just such an adventure (sorry, give me one more road trip and I think I'll have him on a Harley).

    He wants to leave at 5:30 in the morning to head for Austin, if you followed our road trip to Key West last November you'll remember I call him Nancy. Anyway he told me he has a mental alarm clock. The problem is I know about his physical alarm clock. Mentally he thinks he'll wake up at 5:30, physically I'm betting around 6:45, then will take an hour to get ready. If we hit the road by 8:00 I'll call it a success!

    I love my brother and we had some great cold Blue Moon's to commemorate our year apart. Any time spent with him on the road with our bikes is heaven! Even though he grew up here he has never been to Austin, San Antonio, the Riverwalk or the Alamo, that will all change this weekend! I'm even planning on stopping at the Shiner Brewery for a picture (alas they are closed on Sunday), we're supposed to be back by Sunday evening although we are under no time crunch, pictures and the rest of the story to follow.

    Wish us luck and pray for our guardian angels to stay on our shoulders!

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    Gas Gauge, I hope you and your brother have a great safe ride. The Wife and I were in Sugarland last year and made the ride on a rented bike to Austin beautiful ride.

    Looking forward to your pictures and of coarse the story :D :D
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    On your way back (from Austin), one of my favorite day trips is running down 36 from 290 all the way to Freeport/Surfside. Then run up the coast to Galveston and up 146 to Kemah. It is all back, and by the time you get there, the boats will be coming back in. You can hang out on the Landry deck, eat some crabs and have some beverages. Then drop back down to 517 and run back across to Hwy 6 and home.

    Great day trip!!

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    good luck to you and 'nancy':D
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    Always nice when you can ride with your brother have a safe trip:s
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    Have a good trip. Ride safe.
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    Have a great day(and ride).

    I do a lot of riding with two of my Brothers-both ride 08 Fatboys-and i have to say it's more fun and also bought us closer together as siblings.The same applies when i ride with my Sons.Except i worry more.