Sudden Backfire and Loss of Power

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Springer Fan, May 9, 2010.

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    I have a fuel injected 03 Heritage Springer with Screaming eagle stage one, k & H air filter, TFI, super trapp slip on pipes. I have also replaced the plugs and plug wires. Normally, she runs real good.

    For the last three months or so, I have noticed that when I start it up, it either hits right away or it chokes (sounds like its sucking in air), pops, a little smoke comes out of the air cleaner, and then it takes a few cranks to get her to fire up again. I didn't think anything about it until yesterday when I was riding home from work. I started her up and she hit right on the first crank. I rode for about 20 minutes in traffic (start and stop) and then decided to fill up on gas. I stopped at the same place I always do and filled up with high octane as normal. The gas pump was running really slow, so it took for ever to fill it up. I started her up and drove about 1 minute when all of the sudden it back fired, lost power, then hit again and kept going. It kept doing this over and over, sometimes much worse than others. If I squeezed the clutch and revved it up, it sounded fine. But when I put load on it, it backfired and lost power. I pulled over and let her sit for about five minutes. She started right up but kept doing this on me most of the rest of the way home. By the time I got home, it had gotten a little better and was only doing it once in a great while and without the loss of power.

    When it lost power, it was very abrupt, jerking me back and forth. Last year, I replaced the fuel pump and lines inside the tank due to the holes in the gas line issue and it has been running good till this.

    I read a few posts about loose electrical connections and such while doing my homework first. :s My battery is connected well and there is no corrosion or anything. Anyone have some things they think I should look for or check?

    It also sounded like the exhaust might have been a little louder than normal and I noticed some popping on decel that I don't normally have.
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  2. Jack Klarich

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    Glider once suggested wiggle the wires on the injectors and see if it makes a change:D
  3. Hoople

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    I would check to see if there are any stored codes. Maybe look close at crank sensor. Sounds like it may be scattered spark caused by a flaky crank sensor. Worth a look.
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    From the part where you stoped for gas, I had the same problem about 3 weeks ago. I feared the worst, but some seafoam through the tank cured it with no additional problems since.
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    I went out tonight after letting the bike sit all day. I cranked it up and it did that sucking pop smoke thing again, then took several cranks to get her started. Then, I couldn't keep it running. it was sucking and popping, then it would die. Sometimes it would pick up like it was going to make it this time and then suck pop die. I started it again and adjusted the TFI green dial to about the 3/4 mark and it kept running. So I took off and it backfired all the way up the driveway. Just as I was going to turn around, it started running normal, so I kept going. It ran pretty good. I got back to the house and turned the TFI back to normal and it kept on running, so I went for another short ride. It backfired once, but without the loss of power. I'm going to let it sit and cool back down and see if it does it again.

    Could it just be that I got bad gas? Thanks for the suggestions. I don't know how to check for codes and the injector wires seem to be snapped down tight.
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    Check for an intake manifold leak.
  7. Bodeen

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    Since it happened after filling up. Maybe its bad gas?

  8. Springer Fan

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    Just went out after letting it cool down completely to start her up. Fired up on the first crank, ran for one or two seconds and then died. I just rolled her into the garage, shut the door, and turned out the lights...
  9. RibEye

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    Fuel injected? Likely a pin hole in the fuel line, inside the tank, from rubbing. Pressure comes from fuel pump, but fuel leaks back ingto the tank, so it hides. Causes a serious drop in fuel pressure to the fuel rail (supply to the injectors resulting in seriously lean condition, low idle speed, popping rough running, dying at stops, popping on starts, etc.

    Rich P
  10. R. Lewis

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    have you taken the TFI off the scoot and tried to run it?