stutter at part throttle on streetbob

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by douglmth, May 22, 2010.

  1. douglmth

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    Hi guys,
    I am getting a real problem with the streetbob on part throttle. Its an 06 streetbob with a power commander 3, supertrapp silencers and k and n filter. It has run well for about 3 years with the above setup but now I get this problem and error codes P0374, U1016 (x2). I have fitted a new crank position sensor and cleaned the aic port at the air intake but the stutter is still there. The speedo is working fine and the flashers are also ok. It makes no difference if the petrol tank is full or nearly empty, Is there any tests I can do before I have to put it into the Harley shop ?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to HDT forum....

    If you describe the Problem a little more, Go Overboard on the Why When Where, Studder... Then you'll get some answers..

    Looking In "Self Help"section or type in key words , top right of the page

    "search forum" will get a lot of the problems solved on your own.

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    From your post, it looks as if you have been to the self help area already but more input gets more replies.

    Possible you have some water or debris in the tank?

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    Douglmth, welcome to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. What the others are trying to say is what year and how old is the bike? When did the problem begin, easiest solution is you picked up some bad gas when out and about, or longer term, the pin hole leak problem with the intank hoses can cause those symptoms.

    Finally, is it under warranty for extended Dealer Service? Answering these questions will allow you to zero in on a solution. The Self Help tab at the top of the page can help you narrow things down a bit, and the Search tab, when typing key words like fuel surge will go a long way...
  5. Hoople

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    Like Hobbit said, temporarily remove the PCIII and see if you get any change in performance.

    And Rule #9. Clear all codes and see if any re-appear. Especially that serial commo error. You must look into that.
  6. douglmth

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    Hi Guys,
    Thanks 4 the replies. I have cleared the codes and they reappear on the next startup. The bike is a 2006 1450. The pc3 was fitted with the other parts after 4 months and dynoed at the time and has run well until this year. I have run through 6 or 7 tankfuls and the problem is still the same.
    I didnt mention that when the bike is cold there is no problem but once it warms up is when the stutter starts. If you are cruising at 60 or 70 on a flat road then its bad but if the motor is under load for example an uphill then it doesn't stutter. If it wasn't for the fault codes i would be thinking that maybe the coil is breaking down (because it only happens when the motor is warmed up) or a bad tank of petrol (but i've run through 6 or 7 tqnks and the problem remains). If it was water in the petrol then my thought is the problem would be more through the whole rev range but the best way to describe it would be to say its smilar to when on carburetted bikes you would be coming off the pilot jet onto the main jet, thats when it stutters. I would have said it was the map in the PC3 but it ran well for over 3 years. I will have a look for a split pipe in the tank but would this make a difference when the problem still happens regardless of whether the tank is full or empty ? Is there a definitive test for the ignition coil ? I am well used to carburetted bikes but when it comes to harley fuel injection then i need to rely on others experience.
  7. Hoople

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    You cleared the P0374 error code. Replaced the crank sensor with a NEW HD correct part number crank sensor. And the P0374 error code re-appeared.
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    Have you done anything at all to it in the recent past? Have you checked the plugs (for rich or lean condition) Is the air filter clean? Need to know more info before a reasonable answer could be forthcoming. give us something to chew on, part throttle could be anywhere between idle and full throttle, 1st gerar 10 mph, 3rd gear 35, dial us closer so someone can give you some good poop.---jack :57:
  9. douglmth

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    I replaced the crank position sensor with the latest version 32707-01c, genuine harley one from the harley dealer. The error code reappeared. I have checked the speed sensor on the gearbox which was clean.
    There has been no work done to it recently. I have changed the plugs, although their condition was ok and their colour was good.
    The air filter is clean.
    The fault is more revs related rather than speed related. I would say its around 2 to 3000 rpm (remember guys, no rev counter). Sometimes the bike wants to die and sometimes its just a hesitation but its always there when once warmed up.
    This week I will check for pinholes in the fuel pipes in the tank then will unplug the pc3 and check whats happening. I will let you know the outcome.
    Any other advice greatly appreciated.
  10. douglmth

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    I checked the fuel pump pipes for pinholes but they were ok, checked by pressurising the lines with fuel in a near empty tank. I checked the plug connectors to the fuel pump which all looked ok and gave them a spray of wd40. Reassembled and NO MISFIRE !!!! Seems to me it must have been a bad connection in one of the plugs to the fuel pump. Anyway its all fine now.
    Felt so good about it that I went to the local approved Dynojet setup shop to see about a custom map for the bike. He said he didnt do most Harleys because the handlebars are too wide to fit the bike on the dyno ???? Oh well i will stick with what I have for now.
    Thanks for the replies guys.