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    For those of you who haven't been here for a few years...A lot of highway work has been done here in the past three years.
    Highway 44 is in exellent condition for riding. The rough section between The Badlands and Rapid City has been repaved. Also long sections of 44 between The Missouri River and Interior have been repaved. Although this section of the road is a bit narrow without much of a shoulder, I see it as a must-ride.
    I rode 44 from Platte to the Badlands last week. Some of it is long and straight, but this time of year it is green and beautiful. The ride coming out of the Missouri River valley was incredible.
    Coming through the reservations, west of Winner all the way to the Badlands was amazing. Green fields, rolling pastures, jagged badlands, dessert looking terrain, cedar breaks, and peacefull little cottonwood valleys...all thrown together. The only problem was finding a place to pull over to take pictures. There is little or no shoulder on much of that stretch.
    Too bad Sturgis is so late in the year. This area is really at its best in the spring.

    Sorry....Forgot to mention. Half of the Badlands loop has also been repaved. There are still a few pot holes...very few. If u see them ahead...stay on the right half of the lane. The bad ones are next to the center line. (This could change, so be carefull.)
    If you are in running late and in a hurry, I-90 is contantly being improved. it is getting better every year.
    Most, if not all of the construction in this area will be stopped during the Strugis thing.
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    Thanks for the update, alway's good to know in advance.
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    I took SD44 for the first time on my trip out to the Black Hills over Memorial Day. It was a very nice ride with very little traffic west of Winner. It was rainy and foggy on the way west, but I got to enjoy all that scenery on the trip back home. I didn't think western SD ever turned green. :s

    That will be my preferred route from now on when I'm not watching the clock. Although, it didn't add too much time to the trip.